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Five novels in the unforgettable Bernie Rhodenbarr series.

THE BURGLAR WHO TRADED TED WILLIAMS: Bernie Rhodenbarr is trying to make an honest living, but when his new landlord raises the rent, there’s only one thing left for a reformed burglar to do. On his first night back on the job, Bernie finds not only a stash of cash but a very dead body. Yet the next day the police are blaming him for a different burglary. To prove himself ‘innocent’, Bernie’s got to pull out all his master skills to uncover a scheme he should have been smart enough to avoid, or at least get a piece of…

THE BURGLAR WHO THOUGHT HE WAS BOGART: Of all the bookstores in the world, she walked into his. That’s where Bernie Rhodenbarr met the woman of his dreams, the alluring Ilona. Both fans of Bogart films, the two begin spending every night together. Then a tempting offer sees Bernie back on the job. But when his employer is killed and Ilona goes missing, Bernie finds himself on the tail of an elusive killer.

THE BURGLAR IN THE LIBRARY: Bernie rarely ventures outside Manhattan but he’s excited by the prospect of a getaway at a remote upstate B&B. That is until there’s an isolating snowstorm, downed phone lines, the surprise arrival of his lover and her new husband, and a steadily increasing body count. And it’s up to Bernie to figure out who did it – or be the next one to die.

THE BURGLAR IN THE RYE: Bernie is on the prowl again, but after his latest employer is murdered, he begins to wonder if he’s been set up by a criminal – one who is almost as clever as he is.

THE BURGLAR ON THE PROWL: What starts out as an easy job soon sees Bernie in big trouble. And this time it includes his arrest, no less than four murders, and more outrageous coincidences than any self-preserving felon should ever be required to tie together.