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The third book in the sweet and charming Hidden Springs series from award-winning author Laura V. Hilton.

As a columnist for the The Budget with a secret byline of GHB, Hallie Brunstettler writes about community news. While she tries to show a brave face to the world, sometimes her longing to know how it would feel if one person truly cared about her comes through–even into her columns. Then one day, she receives a letter from a reader, asking to become her pen pal.

After months of correspondence, Hezekiah “Kiah” Esh is no longer satisfied with being GHB’s pen pal. He wants to meet in person. On the way to Hidden Springs, where the newspaper is based, he meets Hallie, a waitress at the Amish-owned diner, who serves Kiah pie along with some much-needed companionship. She also discourages him from looking into GHB’s identity. He and Hallie spend more and more time together, but soon Kiah discovers that his new friend and his pen pal are one and the same. Why did Hallie keep this secret? And will she ever be willing to share her true feelings?