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The first in a heartfelt trilogy of wartime sagas, following the highs and lows of the staff at Edwardes Hotel. Perfect for fans of Daisy Styles and Rosie Archer.

It’s 1943. Evie Yeo’s best friend Sukie and sister Pattie are leaving Devon behind and heading to London to work in a hotel. Sukie’s fiancé Wesley is in a swing band that’s booked to play the bar and with Sukie ‘upstairs’ on reception and Pattie a chambermaid ‘downstairs’, they see and share all aspects of the hotel and meet all of its residents.

From the military officials in town for meetings at the war office, to people from the theatre helping to bring joy to the capital in wartime, an eclectic mix of people come together at this small hotel in Covent Garden.

Full of all of the elements that saga readers love; heartbreak and trauma alongside the camaraderie and friendship that would come with this unique saga setting, this new trilogy from Kitty Danton will offer an exciting and heart-warming read for saga fans.