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Robin Hobb fans will love The Book of Elita, combining magic, politics and romance in a magnificent tale of betrayal and revenge: it’s time for the usurper to pay the price of his crimes.

The sorcerer Nash was grievously wounded by Robert Douglas, Duke of Haddon, when he wielded the Word of Destruction, but Nash has spent years rebuilding his strength and increasing the unholy Bond that binds Selar, the usurper king, to him.

Now times are changing and as Selar plots to spread his iron rule even further, coveting Mayenne, his brother’s kingdom, Robert can no longer ignore the threat.

Jenn’s brutish husband is determined to subdue his unwilling young bride even more . . . but events are about to intervene, for Robert is fighting back, raising an army to free his beloved country from the dual threat of the usurper Selar and Nash, the Angel of Darkness.