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When soldier Paul Curtis, recently returned from active duty, is approached covertly by an old school friend’s father and asked for assistance he falters only momentarily before agreeing to help. His old friend, Chris, is dating Lara, a beautiful British Asian woman whose brother, Pasha Durrani, is furious about their relationship.

As Paul steps into the breach it soon becomes clear that this is no low-level domestic disagreement. Durrani is heavily involved in organised crime, the roots of which lead back to a powerful terrorist network in Pakistan – and Lara has been offered to these people as a prize. Suddenly, Paul, Chris and Lara find themselves taking on a force more deadly and widespread than they could ever have imagined.

By turns gripping and terrifying, THE OPPOSITE OF MERCY is a sharp, insightful and compulsive thriller.


A frightening yet realistic read.
Patricia Roberts, Telegraph and Argus
Posits intense childhood friendship as an analogue for the intense family or tribal loyalties that underpin so much terrorist activity ... urgent and effective
Intense, gripping, scary and ultimately shocking ... this is exactly what a thriller is supposed to be
Val McDermid
Stands head and shoulders above so many contemporary British thrillers. Topical, brave, expertly plotted...Excellent.
R J Ellory, author of A QUIET BELIEF IN ANGELS