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Using the principles of CBT, these 150 information pages and worksheets help adults to understand and manage symptoms of anxiety.

The activities follow the framework of a typical CBT course: how it works, looking at the nature of the anxiety, linking thoughts, feelings, behaviour and physiology cycles, exploring different levels of thinking and beliefs, and identifying goals and future planning.

Suitable for adults in individual or group work, this is an excellent resource to use as a standalone resource or in conjunction with professional therapy to deal with anxiety.


My favourite aspect of the book was how everything is in black/white and intricate patterns so that you can colour it all in. Mindful colouring is known to be very relaxing and calming. This amount of detail allows the reader to fully immerse themselves in the activities and colouring in the space around them. I found this book useful in enforcing what I'd learned during my own CBT sessions. The art aspect was really helpful in helping me wind down and regain composure in moments when I just needed to step back and take a breather. Going back through it to see what you've written/drawn before is also useful for any periods of relapse where you need that reminder that you can be in control and there are ways to help you through everyday life.
Jaz Leigh, Anxious Times

CBT Art Workbooks for Mental and Emotional Wellbeing