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Jenn Lim has dedicated her career to helping companies build happier workplace cultures in ways that will benefit both their employees and their bottom line, with less employee turnover, greater engagement, and higher profits. Jenn has countless examples from her decades of work at company culture consultancy Delivering Happiness, including name-brand industry leaders and innovative governments, to demonstrate the profound impact happiness can have on businesses’ ability to thrive in our ever-changing times. Now, in this book, she clearly and concretely explains what steps we as individuals can take to increase happiness, both at work and at home.

Jenn shows how moving beyond a good “work-life balance” into”work-life integration” allows for greater fulfillment both in and out of the office. With eye-opening diagrams and engaging exercises, she draws on extensive psychological research to explain what exactly you can do to build happiness on a daily basis through strengthening your sense of progress, control, and connectivity. To be your best self is to do your best work. In this life-changing guide, you’ll be empowered to not only find greater happiness in your own life and career, but also to spread joy and fulfillment to others in your business and beyond.