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Der Spiegel
'Like an oyster - a glinting treasure in a rough shell' Der Spiegel.
Irish Examiner
'The author has a lyrical, poetic style ... the action unfolds vividly and dramatically, and the reader feels part of the scene. The combination creates an unusually intense reading experience ... in 2005 Stefánsson won the Icelandic Prize for Literature, and his work is selling well in German and French translations. This novel, his debut in English, deserves to win him many more admirers' Alannah Hopkin, Irish Examiner.
'A magnificent novel... so well written, so wonderful, that you have to put the book down and think: this is beautiful literature' Kolbrún Bergfiórsdottir, Kiljan.
Livres Hebdo
'A real discovery, a revelation even... you do not want your attention to lapse for a moment for risk of missing the slightest detail' Jean-Claude Perrier, Livres Hebdo.
Nils C. Ahl, Le Monde
'An outstanding poetic narrative... like a long breath from the very depths of the sea' Nils C. Ahl, Le Monde.