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Battle Song

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30th March 2023

Price: £21.99

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Selected: Hardcover / ISBN-13: 9781399708845

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‘A very promising historical adventure’ – THE TIMES

‘A terrific novel’ – HISTORIA MAGAZINE


‘There is a fury in England that none shall suppress – and when it breaks forth it will shake the throne’


Storm clouds are gathering as Simon de Montfort and the barons of the realm challenge the power of Henry III. The barons demand reform; the crown demands obedience. England is on the brink of civil war.

Adam de Norton, a young squire devoted to the virtues of chivalry, longs only to be knighted, and to win back his father’s lands. Then a bloody hunting accident leaves him with a new master: the devilish Sir Robert de Dunstanville, who does not hesitate to use the blackest stratagems in pursuit of victory.

Following Robert overseas, Adam is introduced to the ruthless world of the tournament, where knights compete for glory and riches, and his new master’s methods prove brutally effective.

But as England plunges into violence, Robert and Adam must choose a side in a battle that will decide the fate of the kingdom. Will they fight for the king, for de Montfort – or for themselves?

Searingly vivid and richly evocative, Battle Song is tale of friendship and chivalry, rivalry and rebellion, and the medieval world in all its colour and darkness.

Readers absolutely love BATTLE SONG:

‘Another five star Ian Ross novel!’ *****

‘Truly is a masterclass in historical fiction’ *****

‘The best historical fiction I’ve read in years. Up there with Hilary Mantel!’ *****

‘A great well researched novel’ *****

‘Brilliantly researched, gorgeously plotted and blessed with a terrific cast of exquisitely drawn characters’ *****

‘Well written and engaging characters’ *****

‘Ian Ross writes with a class and style that leaves the reader or listener thirsting for more’ *****

‘Brilliantly researched, gorgeously plotted and blessed with a terrific cast of exquisitely drawn characters’ *****

‘A gripping tale of early England’ *****

‘A really good story, brought to life by an excellent narrator’ *****

What's Inside

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Ben Kane
Battle Song is stirring, evocative and richly immersive
Anthony Riches
Ross's writing is both muscular and poetic, with immaculate representation of the era's gritty truths
K.M. Ashman
Another superb tale of chivalry, heartbreak and glory from the pen of a master . . . The telling of this tale embroils you in the finer detail of what life was like at the time in fascinating, brutal detail and immediately draws you into their world. It is a window into the past yet leads you with a subtle hand and within the first few pages, you find yourself living the journey alongside our heroes. The thrill of success, the disappointment of failure, the hardship of existence from pauper to king, all are experienced in vivid yet subtle detail from the first page to the last . . . I didn't simply read this book, I lived it, and I loved it
David Gilman
Brutal times, rich in history, compellingly told. Great characters, wonderful historical detail and a hero who earns his spurs the hard way. A page turning winner
Matthew Harffy
Breathtaking in its attention to detail, Battle Song exudes authenticity as Ross brings the world of the 13th century to exciting, vivid, colourful life. With a perfect balance of rich historical atmosphere and a galloping pace, I couldn't put it down. Ian Ross's Roman books are great, but this is even better. Simply put Battle Song is wonderful and the best book I've read in a long time
Carol McGrath
Such skilful writing, engaging storyline, brilliant characterisation and a thrilling ride alongside thirteenth century knights plunging headlong into chivalry and adventure. Echoes of this superbly researched and beautifully recounted story set during the thirteenth century de Montfort rebellion against the Crown will stay with me for a very long time. I was right there galloping amongst the colourful banners, captivated by Ross's vivid narration and completely caught in time within the pages of an unforgettable novel. Superb storytelling. Faultless research . An excellent, vivid and gripping Historical novel. I loved it
Elizabeth Chadwick
I loved the characters of Adam de Norton and Robert de Dunstanville. Despite being absolutely men of their own time with all that entails, they were appealing to a modern reader, without crossing that line and ever becoming modern people in fancy dress. The take on the Jewish situation was interesting and engaging, and the love interest was well realised too. The tournaments were brilliantly brought to life with chivalry and the pragmatism of reality juxtaposed. The battle scenes were powerful and visceral, but well woven into the whole so that they didn't unbalance the novel. I think this novel will attract both male and female readers. It has enough heart and emotional interest to engage those who aren't reading for endless pages of bash and slash, but enough gutsy material to satisfy the fight-orientated readers! Definitely one of my historical reads of the year.
Harry Sidebottom
An exciting and authentic novel of the Middle Ages; its tournaments and battles, politics and emotions. Hugely enjoyable. Like all good fiction, it leaves you wanting more
RJ Barker
Battle Song is exciting and authentic and I flew through it
Angus Donald
The blood-thumpingly brilliant Battle Song by Ian Ross features at its heart the most authentic description of the medieval tournament scene I've ever read. Forget foppish knights elegantly lunging at each from horseback with blunted poles. This is the vrai tournament melle - crimson in tooth and claw - a thousands-strong, writhing, buffeting, battle scrum of blood, sweat and steel, almost indistinguishable from real conflict, in which knights and their loyal squires attempt to dismount and capture their opponents by any means necessary, fair or foul. Truly excellent, magnificently researched, first-class historical fiction!
The Times
'Battle Song, the first in a very promising historical adventure trilogy, is rich in details about the arcane world of medieval tournaments. This is A Knight's Tale, but with fewer jokes and more blood'
Historia Magazine
A terrific novel that incorporates this particular history and Ross's immaculate research with skilful writing, brilliant characterisation and a superb plot, all so well executed that what develops is a thrilling ride alongside mid-13th century knights plunging headlong into a fabulous recreated historical world of chivalry and adventure
Sussex Express
A medieval tour de force