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Heartbreaking and compulsive in equal measure, I read The Sight of You in a single day
Kate Riordan, author
Heartbreaking, hopeful and completely original - The Sight of You is a love story that stays with you long after the final page
Dani Atkins, author
This book had me in tears. I can't stop thinking about Callie and Joel and what my choices would be in their circumstances. Beautiful and heartbreaking
Jill Santopolo, <i>New York Times</i> bestselling author of <i>The Light We Lost</i>
This book stole my heart. It reminds me of how I felt when I first read The Time Traveler's Wife. Special, inventive, heartbreaking and empathetic, it's a book about whether it's better to have loved and lost, or never to have loved at all. Women's fiction at its finest
Gillian McAllister, author
The Sight Of You is one of those rare books that stays in your heart long after the final page and I'm utterly bereft now it's finished. Beautiful, lyrical and yet packs an emotional punch that will leave you reeling
Penny Parkes, author
I've just finished it and I'm in BITS. There are literally tears still dripping from my chin. What an extraordinary book. It's exquisitely written, incredibly moving and impossible to put down. It made me want to go and give everyone I love a very, very big hug. Who could fail to fall in love with Callie and Joel?
Beth O'Leary, author of <i>The Flatshare</i>
With stunningly evocative prose, Holly Miller crafts an enthralling tale that picks up speed as it churns toward its inevitable conclusion. I'm not usually an emotional reader, but this book proved me wrong. The ending is simply perfect. Readers are going to love it
Tracey Garvis Graves, <i>New York Times</i> bestselling author of <i>The Girl He Used to Know</i>
What an astonishing book. I just loved it. One of those rare books that is beautifully written and utterly life affirming
Kate Thompson, author
Amazing concept, a beautiful love story
Eva Woods, author
I. Am. Broken. It's exquisite, beautiful and tender and has left me utterly bereft!
Emma Cooper, author
A wonderful high-concept love story. I adored it
Richard Roper, author
Set to be the big love story of 2020
We're predicting a hit
Looking for a love story that will break your heart this year? You've just found it. Beautifully written, The Sight of You will stay with you for a long time. Just make sure you have tissues to hand
Just wonderful - the perfect 'will they, won't they' romance with a unique premise. It's stayed with me long after I finished with an ending I cried buckets over. This book is going to be huge!
Lorna Cook, author
An epic, beautifully written novel. Holly's words are practically symphonic on the page. This book is going to break hearts in 2020
Roxie Cooper, author
Some books rip you apart, even as you are marveling at how beautifully put together they are - The Sight of You is one of these. Holly Miller - with her startling metaphors and finely-etched portrait of a star-crossed relationship - has created a novel that is unique and breathtaking and painful and broken and perfect . . . just like love. I'm still crying, yet all I want to do is settle down and read it again
Jodi Picoult, bestselling author of <i>A Spark of Light</i> and <i>Small Great Things</i>
Clever, poignant and very special. This life-affirming novel twists and turns its way, acknowledging the bravery it takes to love. It's a unique book you'll want to hug and not let go
Woman & Home
Heartfelt and beautifully written
Kate Eberlen, author of <i>Miss You
Enthralling, immersive and deliriously romantic. An exquisitely written emotional thriller with characters I will never forget
Katie Marsh, author
A heartrending, beautifully crafted emotional rollercoaster of a read that will stay with you long after the final page. Wonderful
Mike Gayle
A gorgeously sad but ultimately uplifting read
Holly Hepburn, author
I loved The Sight Of You. It's an epic love story, but with such a mesmerising premise
Clare Pooley, author of The Authenticity Project
The Sight of You is such a special book. I had a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes to the very last page. I want everyone to read it
Paige Toon
Fans of The Light We Lost and The Time Traveler's Wife will fall hard for this heartbreaking but ultimately life-affirming novel
Miller paints big emotions with nuance and subtlety . . . This beautifully rendered work is both heartbreaking and life-affirming. Readers should be prepared to cry.
Publisher's Weekly