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Surviving Stroke

Surviving Stroke

In October 2016, Udo Kischka suffered a severe stroke. A large intra-cerebral bleed, a bleed deep in the right side of his brain.

He was not a typical stroke patient: Professor Kischka was a neurologist and specialist in stroke rehabilitation.
Like all stroke patients, he embarked on a journey of recovery. In his case, it was a re-education in his field of expertise. When he uttered the words, ‘This is a life changing event’ to his wife a few hours after the stroke, he had no idea just how life changing it would be or that there would be still be a good life to be had.

Written by experts on both sides of the fence – a stroke victim who is a stroke specialist, and a psychologist who helps others and now has to help herself and her family – this is a personal and brutally honest story of a family’s survival.

This accessible and relatable book provides insight and realistic hope about what might lie ahead following a stroke, as well as offering both practical and emotional support.
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Genre: Medicine / Medicine: General Issues / Public Health & Preventive Medicine / Personal & Public Health

On Sale: 7th May 2020

Price: £19.99

ISBN-13: 9781405546683


[This book] gives a clear description and explanation of exactly how shattering a stroke can be. There is no magic moment; there are downs as well as ups; things happen for no reason; it is all agonisingly slow; uncertainty is crippling and exhausting; loss of control and choice is frightening and severe. It paints a very real picture, stripped of all gloss yet still allowing hope and restoration
Professor Derick Wade, Consultant in Neurological Rehabilitation