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The Great War: Walk in Hell

ebook / ISBN-13: 9781444744972

Price: £8.39

ON SALE: 30th August 2012

Genre: Fiction & Related Items / Adventure / Historical Adventure

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This is second part of the Great War
trilogy (after American Front) and the 4th volume
in Harry Turtledove’s epic alternative history of the USA, in which the
South is victorious in the American Civil War. It
began with The Guns of the South, continues
How Few Remain and goes on in Turtledove’s
American Empire and Settling Accounts
It’s 1915, the Great War is intensifying, and the time of darkness has
come. The slaves of the south have risen against their masters, taken on
the creed of Bolshevism and are attacking the Confederacy from within.
But the United States remains pinned between their weakened southern
rival, and their other bitter enemy, Canada. But both Presidents –
Theodore Roosevelt of the Union and staunch Confederate Woodrow Wilson –
are stubbornly determined to lead their nations to victory, at any
cost. Meanwhile the new and poisonous weapons of tanks, gas and planes
are starting to make their presence felt at the front. It’s total war
for the first time in human history and it’s ordinary people on both
sides who are the ones to begin suffer . . . ‘The wizard of If.’
Chicago Sun-Times ‘The standard-bearer for
alternate history.’USA Today


With shocking vividness, Turtledove demonstrates the extreme fragility of our modern world . . . This is state-of-the-art alternate history, nothing less
<i>Publishers Weekly</i> on HOW FEW REMAIN)
Turtledove plays heady games with actual history, scattering object lessons and bitter ironies along the way. Strong, complex characters against a sweeping alt-historical background.
<i>Kirkus Reviews</i> on RETURN ENGAGEMENTS
Good fun. It has an authentic speculative quality, energy and dash.
<i>Time Out</i> on A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE
Engrossing ... definitely the work of one of alternate history's authentic modern masters . . . totally fascinating.
<i>Booklist</i> on THE GREAT WAR series