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Code word – “onion bagel”

That little phrase would put FBI agent Tony Hawkin in touch with the Israeli commando unit at Cohn’s Fancy Bakery in London, should he ever need help. And Tony needed help like he needed air to breathe!

The trouble was, he wasn’t cut out for the FBI. He couldn’t shoot straight, and had a tendency to panic when things went wrong. But somehow he’d got himself handcuffed to a case containing two million dollars, bundled aboard a hijacked DC-10 and whisked off to darkest Scotland, where he found himself hotly pursued by a lot of people who wanted to get their hands on the money – and around his throat. People like the hijackers. And a bunch of fanatical Scots patriots. And some Cuban thugs led by a mad Colonel. And the police.

Tom Hawkin was lost and terrified in an apparently crazy country. Which was why he yelled Onion Bagel at the first opportunity…