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Joined-Up Thinking

ebook / ISBN-13: 9781529398410

Price: £22

ON SALE: 25th August 2022

Genre: Society & Social Sciences

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At a time of existential global challenges, we need our best brainpower to solve them.
So how do we create genius environments, help our brains flourish and boost group thinking?

Neuroscientist and bestselling author of The Science of Fate Hannah Critchlow shows how two heads can be better than one. Almost everything we’ve ever achieved has been done by groups working together, sometimes across time and space. Like a hive of bees, or a flock of birds, our naturally social, interconnected brains are designed to function best collectively.

New technology is helping us share our wisdom and knowledge much more diversely across race, class, gender and borders. And AI is sparking a revolution in our approach to intelligent thinking – linking us into fast-working brain-nets for problem solving.

Hannah Critchlow shows all the tricks to help us work best collectively – how to cope with wildly differing opinions, balance our biases, prevent a corrupting force, and exercise our intuitive ability for the most effective outcomes. She shares compelling examples of success, at work, in families, and all team situations, and shows us how to work, play and grow with intelligence.

What's Inside

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For tens of thousands of years we have tried to work out how we can best think. At last this genius work explains the past, the present and the future of our minds. Read - to be amazed.
Bettany Hughes
Hannah Critchlow has written a timely and engaging book about human intelligence and the challenges our brains face in the twenty-first century. It will make you think. It might even change for the better the way you think.
Ian Rankin
A powerful manifesto for the strength of "we" thinking
Marcus du Sautoy
Hannah Critchlow's research into collective intelligence, team work, communication, performance, resilience, ethics etc from a neuroscience perspective is absolutely fascinating.
Tatjana Marinko
From startling futuristic speculation to practical exercises in getting in touch with your own routine mental processes, Hannah Critchlow steers us with a sure hand and an unfailingly clear and engaging voice. This is a treasure of a book, exploding some damaging myths and encouraging us to re-imagine the values of relationality and receptivity in our thinking.
Rowan Williams
This is absolutely wonderful, uplifting and soulful. I can't tell you how much we need joined-up thinking - this book and the thing itself. The future of humanity very much depends on how well we embrace these ground-breaking provocative ideas, to focus on the collective 'we' more than the individual 'me'.
Daniel M. Davis