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The Words In My Hand

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14th January 2016

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Selected: ebook / ISBN-13: 9781473617841

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The Words in My Hand is the reimagined true story of Helena Jans, a Dutch maid in 17th century Amsterdam working for an English bookseller. One day a mysterious and reclusive lodger arrives – the Monsieur – who turns out to be René Descartes.

At first encounter the maid and the philosopher seem to have little in common, yet Helena yearns for knowledge and literacy – wanting to write so badly that she uses beetroot for ink and her body as paper.

And the philosopher, for all his learning, finds that it is Helena who reveals the surprise in the everyday world that surrounds him, as gradually their relationship deepens in a surprising story of love and learning.

‘Excellent . . . an entirely unsentimental love story with a memorable and engaging heroine. Clever and touching’ The Times
‘An accomplished first novel . . . Glasfurd brilliantly dissects the complex frustrations of a woman in love with a man consumed by intellectual obsessions. There is much to move us here’ Guardian


And Guinevere Glasfurd’s new novel The Year Without Summer, the story of a world changed by one cataclysmic event, is out now.


Rachel Hore, bestselling author of A WEEK IN PARIS
17th-century Amsterdam sparkles into life in this delightful, playful and beautifully written debut. I loved it!
Dinah Jefferies, bestselling author of THE TEA PLANTER'S WIFE
Guinevere Glasfurd's writing is fresh and elegant. I loved the subject and the way she brings Amsterdam in the 1600s into vivid, believable life. A lovely book.
Shelley Weiner
The Words In My Hand tells a moving story with quiet confidence and masterful restraint. Glasfurd's evocation of 17th century Holland through the voice of young Helena - servant girl and mistress of Descartes - is vivid, plausible, and hugely engrossing. An astonishingly accomplished and mature first novel.
Kate Mayfield, author of THE UNDERTAKER'S DAUGHTER
The Words in My Hand, Guinevere Glasfurd's captivating debut novel of a Dutch maid's affair with Descartes, is compelling, lush, impressive
Kate Worsley, author of SHE RISES
A quietly powerful novel of love, ambition and betrayal. Glasfurd's depiction of the eternal tension between domestic realities and intellectual ambition is precisely nuanced, and suffused with all the cool charm of its Dutch Golden Age setting.
Good Housekeeping (Ones To Watch)
Amsterdam in the 17th Century springs to life in The Words in My Hand...This first novel from Guinevere Glasfurd is wonderfully atmospheric
LoveReading (January Debut of the Month)
A gloriously readable and emotional fictional tale based on the relationship between Dutch maid Helena Jans van der Strom and philosopher, mathematician and scientist Rene Descartes, in 17th century Amsterdam. Helena tells her own story, and we have intimate access to her thoughts and feelings as she learns the magic of words, writing and thinking beyond the obvious. It feels as though Guinevere Glasfurd has seen into the heart and soul of Helena, as though this really could be her story. The author also has the gift of shaping the outside world, of painting a vivid picture of life in these times. Sending thoughts skittering down unexpected paths and opening up the world of Descartes, The Words In My Hand is a truly lovely and captivating debut.
Blurb Magazine (Australia)
Fresh and deftly written, The Words in my Hand is a subtle and quiet character-driven novel that beautifully evokes time and place, as well as character. I enjoyed getting to know Helena, empathising with her struggles and identifying with her dreams.
The Times (Book of the Month)
Excellent... The novel is based on enigmatic references to Helena and her illegitimate child in biographies of Descartes - she is the unseen woman behind the great man. Glasfurd has created an entirely unsentimental love story, with a memorable and engaging heroine. She takes the narrowness of Helena's life and her kicks against its confines, and spins them into an original tale.
For Books' Sake
The story beautifully illustrates how, but for social convention, women could have been positively contributing to shaping our view of the world, just as philosophers like Descartes did. Descartes and Helena's love story is beautifully drawn, particularly the early stages. It's real and tender and when he is gone she notes that "the space still holds the shape of him". The Words in My Hand is a great debut novel which, as well as painting a wonderful picture of 17th-century Amsterdam, finally gives Helena her place in history.
The Sunday Times
a striking debut... her portrait of love across barriers of class, and of Helena's yearning for education, is a touching one
Falcata Times
I loved this book and it's definitely a highlight to kick off the new year with. Cracking
It may be a love story but Guinevere has perfected a balance between all the elements, making this book a rare thing: romance with cross-gender appeal. There are moments of beautiful lyricism and yet it's not mushy or poetic to the detriment of the totally absorbing storyline. The added bonus is that we get an idea of some of Descartes' projects and experiments as they're spliced skilfully into the narrative...Indeed, when an author can make us feel sorry for someone who makes life harder for our heroine, it's definitely difficult to think of this work as a debut. That says it all really: a book to own by a name to watch
Choice magazine
Beautifully written
Historical Novel Society
This is a fascinating book fleshing out the life of a real woman and her story; it brings to vivid life the frustrations of women who were denied access to education and art. In an age when reputation meant everything and to be different often meant to be beaten down, Helena stands as an icon facing challenges as desperate as those faced by Descartes. Despite this, Glasfurd is honest about the reality of their unequal relationship as Helena must regularly take second place. Fans of The Girl with the Pearl Earring and The Miniaturist will love this tale
Woman's Weekly
An absorbing and moving read
Linda’s Bookbag blog
Meticulous research and fabulous writing... This really is history brought to vivid life... The Words in My Hand is not a book to be rushed, but to be appreciated almost syllable by syllable. It is very special indeed and I adored it
An accomplished first novel... A quietly passionate story of a young woman who burns to be allowed to write, to acquire knowledge, and to love her elusive Monsieur. In casting Helena as proto-feminist, artistic, courageous, Glasfurd gives her narrative a rather modern sensibility but it is this quality that makes it such a satisfying read. She brilliantly dissects the complex frustrations of a woman in love with a man consumed by intellectual obsessions. There is much to move us here.