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Live From Golgotha

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23rd September 1993

Price: £9.99

Selected:  Paperback / ISBN-13: 9780349104782

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Thanks to the latest breakthrough in computer software, a cyberpunk- known bleakly as The Hacker- is destroying the tapes that describe the mission of Jesus Christ and His Gospel or Good News. The Sacred Story is vanishing rapidly. Fortunately one tape is Hackerproof, that of Timothy, who in his youth, was Robin to Saint Paul’s Batman. Now, in Timothy’s old age, Saint Paul comes to him in a vision and begs him to write down the True Gospel, otherwise all is lost.
And thanks to the wonders of modern techonology, a TV crew will pre-record, live from Golgotha, the Crucifixion in order to boost NBC during the upcoming ratings battle.

Will it take place or not? Will the Hacker manage to destroy all the records, including Timothy’s? Will Jesus’s weight problem be an image problem in the light of today’s high standards? Tune in to Gore Vidal’s classic of the greatest story never told- until now.


A marvellous specimen of parodic invention.
Vidal's prose is a jangling mixture of Hollywood tough talk, biblical jargon and rampant camp. His japes at the expense of religion, history and taste add up to a work of highly serious humour. Iconoclasm at its most challenging and witty.
Wonderfully outrageous
in the tradition of MYRA BRECKENBRIDGE, MYRON and DULUTH, but more pointed and more daring.