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Garth Marenghi’s TerrorTome

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3rd November 2022

Price: £16.99

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Selected: Hardcover / ISBN-13: 9781529399400
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Dare you crack open the TerrorTome? (Mind the spine)

When horror writer Nick Steen gets sucked into a cursed typewriter by the terrifying Type-Face, Dark Lord of the Prolix, the hellish visions inside his head are unleashed for real. Forced to fight his escaping imagination – now leaking out of his own brain – Nick must defend the town of Stalkford from his own fictional horrors, including avascular-necrosis-obsessed serial killer Nelson Strain and Nick’s dreaded throppleganger, the Dark Third.

Can he and Roz, his frequently incorrect female editor, hunt down these incarnate denizens of Nick’s rampaging imaginata before they destroy Stalkford, outer Stalkford and possibly slightly further?

From the twisted genius of horror master Garth Marenghi – Frighternerman, Darkscribe, Doomsage (plus Man-Shee) – come three dark tales from his long-lost multi-volume epic: TerrorTome.

Can a brain leak?
(Yes, it can)


Reads like Garth’s classic oeuvre of paperback horrors crossed with the X-Files, Faustian myth and bits of Manimal. Plus the cover is embossed with genuine foil at his insistence and at your expense’
Ken Hodder, Head of Hodder

‘These three tales of terror by Garth Marenghi are… quality’
Queen Fang, NosFor(at)

‘A strong beginning, deepening intrigue and a knockout ending’
How to Write Magazine


SciFi Bulletin
Beautifully bonkers, with a razor-sharp understanding of the genre, Garth Marenghi's prose is schlocky, corny, cliché-ridden and over-written. Full of dread and deliberately dreadful - in other words, addictive and quite perfect
The mercurial horror maestro and star of Darkplace delivers a trio of blood curdling tales from his long-lost opus in this side-splittingly spot-on parody of grisly supernatural blockbusters
Financial Times
Read if you dare, but know that not one bone in your body will remain unchilled
The i
Books like TerrorTome - so dense with brilliant jokes that it cannot safely be read while drinking hot liquid - are rare indeed. It is clear that Holness loves horror; like the recent Ladybird books and BBC Two's Philomena Cunk, this is a parody that knows and respects its source material. The result is something very bad - and very, very good
A delight, whether you're a devotee of the shlocky 1980s horror genre or not. TerrorTome is a pitch-perfect parody of terrible genre writing, with overblown, clichéd prose and heavily signposted metaphor
A new Garth Marenghi novel is like a new album by ZZ Top or Status Quo: you know what you're going to get, but by heck you'll love it
Financial Times, Best Books of 2022
Horrormeister Garth Marenghi makes a triumphant comeback with three linked tales of shuddersome, mind-bending fear . . . Top-notch spoofy spookiness