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The Insomniac Society

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Audiobook Downloadable / ISBN-13: 9781529327557

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Five strangers. Hundreds of sleepless nights.

There are five of them.

Claire, who sits awake beside a snoring husband and a little boy who is not hers.
Jacques, a psychiatrist at the end of his career whose lonely nights are punctuated only by anonymous phone calls.
Michèle, a retiree whose dark secret compels her out of bed and to church.
Lena, a young goth who cannot brave the dawn, volunteering at a local café.
Hervé, a shy accountant who sits in bed, panicking about his job while scrolling through emails into the early hours.

They have one thing in common: insomnia.

As meetings led by sleep specialist Marie-Hélène draw them together, friendships will be formed and confessions made… but will they discover what’s keeping them awake? And more importantly: will they be able to get to sleep?

(P) 2021 Hodder & Stoughton Ltd


Gabrielle Levy does an admirable job characterising her hodgepodge collection of insomniacs and draws from a varied palette of types, demonstrating how anyone, from any strata of society, can lose their sleep
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