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‘I loved every HONEST and HILARIOUS second!’ Carrie Hope Fletcher

‘Made me CACKLE OUT LOUD on every single page’
Daisy Buchanan

(adj.) Very rich and providing great sensory pleasure (Oxford English Dictionary)
(n.) A habitual drunkard (Oxford English Dictionary)

and Emma have been best friends since primary school in Wales. Emma has a stable job, a nice home and has just got engaged. Gabby has had a succession of disastrous one-night stands and awful jobs since drama school . . . and she has just been diagnosed with scurvy. She has one year until the wedding to pull herself together and prove to her friends and family that she can be a proper grown-up.

Described by Caitlin Moran as ‘filthy, immoral and incredibly funny’, Gabrielle Fernie’s blog, loveisa4letterturd.com, catalogued her life as a struggling actress with a taste for gin. Here, in her first book, she shares her most raucous stories with eye-watering honesty. It is a laugh-out-loud account of a young woman trying to find her place in the world.

Readers love Lush:

‘Best book I have read for a very long time! Absolutely hilarious!’

‘Thanks for making me laugh out loud on the tube like a weirdo and for making me miss my stop more than once’

‘Moments of true absurdity partnered with genuinely touching stories of friendship in your twenties makes for an excellent read’

‘I would recommend this book to anyone who’s ever doubted themselves; as a little reminder that no matter how ridiculous your life seems to have become, Gabrielle Fernie’s has always been hilariously and irrevocably far, far worse’


Gabrielle Fernie shares more of her most raucous stories with eye-watering honesty - a laugh-out-loud account of a young woman trying to get her disastrous life together before her best friend's wedding, to prove to everyone she can actually be a grown-up.
I ADORED Gabrielle Fernie's memoir, Lush - it's so giddy and gleeful and warm. She's a hugely gifted comic writer and there was something that made me cackle out loud on every single page
Daisy Buchanan, author of HOW TO BE A GROWN-UP
Frank, filthy and ferociously funny
Sunday Mirror
An enjoyable resurrection of the ladette, Lush covers drunken nights, one night stands and reality TV dating, showing not all Millennials are Instagram obsessed wellness devotees.
The Herald
Lush is only 'put-downable' because it makes you laugh so hard you fear if you continue reading you might burst. I loved every honest and hilarious second!
Carrie Hope Fletcher
Fernie's funny, filthy memoir about her life as a struggling actress and her attempts to pull herself together offers hope to anyone who feels growing up has somehow passed them by
iNews (Best non-fiction books for autumn 2018)
[Lush] had me guffawing on public transport
Carrie Hope Fletcher, Metro
[A gift] for the friend whose cackle you can hear down the street. In this laugh riot, best friends Gabby and Emma have grown up together. When Emma reveals she is getting married, it dawns on Gabby she must grow up herself once and for all. Hilarious and debauched.
The Sun