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The Rapture

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1st April 2010

Price: £8.99

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Selected: ebook / ISBN-13: 9781848543492

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***Perfect for fans of Black Mirror and The Handmaid’s Tale***

With a demagogue in the White House, Jews being repatriated to the Holy Lands, and religious police out in full force, America stands on the brink of a new totalitarianism.

Private investigator Felix Strange is no stranger to America’s slide toward fascism. But, when he discovers that an old acquaintance has disappeared, the extent of America’s transformation is about be revealed.

Isaac Taylor isn’t just missing; according to government records, he never existed. All over America, people are vanishing – literally without a trace. If Strange doesn’t find out why, it won’t be long before he himself becomes one of the disappeared…

The Rapture is the second instalment of Elliott Hall’s cult hit Strange Trilogy, revealing an America losing its identity as it descends into a new totalitarian state.

Praise for Elliott Hall

‘Strange’s sardonic wit makes him the perfect guide to his troublingly familiar landscape’ – Guardian

‘Ingenious and witty’ – Daily Telegraph

‘Outstanding‘ – Independent

‘Wonderful’ – The Times

‘An ingenious twist . . . Hall’s novel combines pacy storytelling with a disturbing dystopian vision’ – Mail on Sunday


The Times
'To work, satire has to be subtle . . . Elliott Hall does this wonderfully'
Daily Telegraph
'Political satires set in chilling dystopian futures don't usually call for sequels . . . Hall's pizzazz ensures you want to know if Felix makes it'
Praise for The First Stone: 'The First Stone is a knockout debut with the confidence to establish its world gradually . . . Strange's sardonic wit makes him the perfect guide to his troublingly familiar landscape'
Daily Telegraph
'This debut crime novel is best read under a sweltering sun . . . against a deftly drawn backdrop, it is ingenious and witty'
'In many ways the most intriguing of new John Murray crop . . . Strange is a very sympathetic hero, who does what private eyes do best by stirring the hornets' nest (and these are some pretty whacky hornets) and a fabulous sense of pace is engendered from page one. This is a very impressive first thriller indeed. More are promised; or if they're not, should be'
SFX Magazine
'The prose style is smooth and entertaining . . . Hall's world-building remains excellent throughout, creating a truly unsettling future America'
Tangled Web
'A sharp and original debut novel'
Morning Star
'It's a really good, traditional private eye story in its own right, coupled with a subtle and believable picture of a fundamentalist state'
Big Issue
'A menacing portrait of an all too plausible future . . . a very readable, fast-paced thriller'
'An outstanding first novel by a new Canadian author we should hear more of'
'A debut novel of considerable quality and great imagination'
Mail on Sunday
'An ingenious twist ... The first in a trilogy, Hall's novel combines pacy storytelling with a disturbing dystopian vision'