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Bestselling novelist Joe Logan walks out into a hot summer’s evening in central London. The next day his body is found dumped in a disused Victorian crypt at the Brompton Cemetery. He has been tied up, shot and castrated. The killing has the hallmarks of a professional hit. Detective Inspector Mark Tartaglia has a number of leads to follow, but he’s getting nowhere.

Then another body is found, in an old boathouse on the Thames, killed in an identical fashion to Logan. Both men were savagely tortured before they died. A vicious and methodical killer is at work but what does he want and how does he lure his victims to their death? If only Tartaglia can find the link between the two dead men maybe he can find the killer before he strikes again . . .


'No ordinary serial killer story, tautly written, with the race against time expertly handled' the Guardian.
'A thoroughly engrossing read. Add Mark Tartaglia and Sam Donovan to your list of must-read detectives' Peter Robinson.
Peter Robinson