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Consumer Kids

Consumer Kids

This book will shock you.

Consumer Kids shows how, more than ever before, and perhaps more than anywhere else in the world, our children are being tracked and targeted by big business, which sells them back their dreams, packages their childhood and exploits their vulnerabilities.

It looks at why children torture their Barbies, how boys feel about David Beckham, why mums are cooler than dads, why children in the toughest families make the most ardent consumers and why, above all, too much marketing makes you unhappy.

This hard-hitting exposé is essential reading for anyone who is interested in the deeper implications of the runaway commercial world we live in.
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Genre: Society & Social Sciences / Society & Culture: General / Social Issues & Processes / Consumerism

On Sale: 29th January 2009

Price: £12.99

ISBN-13: 9781845298807


An important book
Most parents would be shocked by the scale and sophistication of today's marketing to children. This is a landmark book, full of ideas and solutions for reclaiming childhood for children.
Oliver James, author of They F**k You Up and Affluenza
A vitally important book ... Every MP should read it, every minister, every family.
Michael Morpurgo
Anyone concerned with children should read this book. It is fascinating and disturbing at the same time.
Chris Kelly, Chair of NSPCC