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A shattered moon. A secret plan. Last girl standing.

Orry and her family are the best conmen in the Quadrant, running elaborate heists to target the ruling families of the Ascendancy.

This time should be no different . . . but then Orry goes off-script and everything falls apart. Less than an hour later her mark is dead and she’s on the run, accused of a murder she didn’t commit.

Turns out, the pendant Orry stole is more valuable than even she guessed – and a lot of powerful people want it. When she’s unexpectedly rescued by loner spaceship captain Jurgen Mender, Orry knows there’s only one thing to do.

Even Orry can see the madness of pitting an inexperienced grifter, a space-dog well past his prime and an obsolete spaceship against the Imperial Fleet, the worst of the space pirates and the alien Kadiran, who are getting bored with their uneasy truce with humankind . . .

But what other choice does she have?


A riptide of excitement, it totally swept me away!
Daniel Godfrey, author of New Pompeii
Dominic Dulley's Shattermoon is big screen space opera at its most entertaining. With a welcome hint of an updated Stainless Steel Rat, Orry Kent makes for an engaging and savvy protagonist. A very impressive debut novel!
Gavin Smith, author of The Bastard Legion
Imaginative world-building . . . a lively sci-fi romp
For those in need of a gallivant through space with a bunch of mismatched chancers, Shattermoon should be at the top of your list
This book builds and builds with so much action that it kept me entertained to the very end
Dyslexic Reader
[A] fast paced read from start to finish, a total page turner, which I read almost in one go
Bookish Outsider
A fun and fast-paced heist novel
I Should Read That
The action never lets up, and I found myself racing towards the end to find out what was going on . . . Highly recommended for a fun space-opera read!
Bibliophile Book Club
I was sucked into the book from pretty much the first page . . . Dulley has made an amazing universe and I can't wait to explore more of it as the series continues . . . This is an epic masterpiece. I can't recommend it highly enough!
Words of a Paige
I was hooked by this space adventure . . . An action-packed space adventure, Dominic's debut is a blast!
Laura Patricia Rose
An exciting read with a capable and cool-headed protagonist
Blue Book Balloon
I LOVED Shattermoon. It is a fast paced and exciting read that had me audibly gasping at parts and wincing in others . . . It is hard to believe that Shattermoon is Dominic Dulley's first novel as it completely swept me up
This Northern Girl
This book blew my mind! I was instantly hooked from the first page
Katharina Sinead's Book Blog
A non-stop, action-packed space opera that's full of entertainment and all of the classic ingredients of adventure you might want
SF Crowsnest
I thoroughly enjoyed my breakneck travel through Dulley's new universe
There is action from go to whoa. A lot of violence, a lot of fun . . . The plot is tightly scripted, well controlled. It's light, it's escapist, I thoroughly enjoyed it
Piss-Weakly Reviews on Shattermoon
There is a lot to enjoy here and even non-purist sci-fi fans will love the journey
Mama Loves to Read on Shattermoon
Reading Shattermoon made me laugh out loud and had me at the edge of my seat on many occasions. It reminded me a little of Firefly, Farscape and Star Trek The Next Generation, all of which I loved.
HufflePuffleKitteh on Shattermoon
The book is quite a ride and certainly isn't boring! If you are a fan of action-packed Space Operas with kickass female heroines then I have to say that this book will definitely be your thing and you should check it out
The Geekess on Shattermoon
Shattermoon is such a refreshing read. This is epic space opera that has a 1950s cinema serial quality to it, peopled by characters you give a damn about, worlds that feel as real as your daily commute (but obviously far more exotic and yet grounded) and a story that is so engrossing that reaching the end of it is akin to feeling like someone has unceremoniously slammed on the brakes and stopped a runaway tale that you could have happily stayed involved in forever
Sparkly Pretty Briiiight on Shattermoon
As a bit of entertaining space opera I thoroughly enjoyed my breakneck travel through Dulley's new universe
Review Graveyard on Shattermoon
Shattermoon is a non-stop, action-packed space opera that's full of entertainment and all of the classic ingredients of adventure you might want. On the surface it's a regular mix of bandits, smugglers and imperial navy ships with a sassy heroine, but it quickly takes on a character and charm of its own
GARETH D JONES on Shattermoon