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ebook / ISBN-13: 9781529343731

Price: £14.99

ON SALE: 18th March 2021

Genre: Economics, Finance, Business & Management

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Finance for non-financial managers – succeed with just four numbers.

Finance doesn’t have to be complicated. This book shows you how to make better, faster, financially sound business decisions using just four numbers.

Effective financial management is at the heart of every successful business but it can seem impenetrable to the non-financial manager; littered with spreadsheets, inexplicable charts and intricate formulae, all washed down with swathes of unintelligible jargon. In reality, successful financial management is all about the management of just these four figures.

Knowing what these four figures are, how they relate to each other and most importantly, how they can be managed, is the key to financial success. This is what David Meckin calls ‘the 4 figure trick’. Almost every major business failure can be pinned down to the ineffective management of at least one of these critical figures.

Focusing on just four figures not only makes the world of financial management more accessible to the non-financial manager, it also greatly simplifies the decision-making process. Full of step-by-step guides, examples and illustrations, The 4 Figure Trick reveals a variety of practical managerial strategies that can significantly enhance the financial performance of any business.

What's Inside

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An excellent guide through the world of finance, full of important information. This book is easy to understand for those of us who need to know financials, without having to be an expert.
Keith Mitchell, Partner - Managed Services, Ernst & Young
Demystifies the world of financial management - an essential business companion. This book sets out a simple yet very effective formula for every business leader to engage with and succeed. Highly recommended, particularly if finance is not your natural strength.
Terry Lees, Head of Leadership Development & Learning Events, British Retail Consortium
The 4 Figure Trick takes the mysticism out of financial management, making finance accessible to everyone. An essential and enjoyable read for everyone in business - from shop floor to the board room.
Jacqueline Shorrocks, Head of Higher Education, Fashion Retail Academy
The perfect book for non-financial managers to really comprehend what matters when assessing a business and to help them make better business decisions.
Sarah Andrews, HR & Retail Director, Harrods
The 4 Figure Trick is deceptively simple to read, but it gives financial and non-financial managers alike an unbeatable insight into how to profitably manage a company - or invest in it.
Keith Anderson, Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Finance, University of York
By focussing on just four numbers, here is a book that really does make the mysterious world of Finance accessible to non-Finance individuals. In my view this is a must read for any non-financial manager, regardless of their role, to help and broaden your view as a business leader.
Damian McGloughlin, CEO, Homebase
An accessible insight into one of the most important knowledge areas for anyone working in any business or organisation. Any manager in business will improve their confidence in measuring financial performance and their potential to make the right impact across everything they do.
Michael Nathan, Associate Director - Emerging Talent Lead, Mace Group
A thoroughly readable and instructive book which de-mystifies finance. The 4 Figure Trick provides its readers with a thorough and simple run through of the main principles of finance and financial analysis which should be a reference for those of us in business without a formal background in finance. I recommend this book for all current and aspirant business leaders as a real aid to boost their financial literacy and gain greater fluency in finance, which remains the language of business.
Dominic Schofield, Managing Partner Board & CEO Practice, Korn Ferry
If you feel the urge to doze off, recoil or even flee at the sight of management accounts then this book is for you. I cannot overemphasize how engaging David is as a writer; he does for finance what Bill Bryson has done for science. Let's be honest finance & fun share nothing except a first letter - that was until I read The 4 Figure Trick.
Sonia Chesaux, Director of Learning & Development, EMEA Ralph Lauren
A perfect read for anyone who wants to understand corporate and business finance in jargon-free language. The book explores key aspects of finance management: measuring success, making sense of trade data, the profit-making process and improving performance. Critically, it brings simplicity to the financial management and performance of a business that inspires managers to make more financially sound decisions.
Amy Prendergast, Director of Change, People and Learning, retailTRUST