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The Lost Daughter

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7th September 2017

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Selected: Paperback / ISBN-13: 9781473632295

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For fans of Elementary, Ripper Street and Sherlock Holmes – meet Jean Brash, a feisty, self-made woman turned sleuth in murky Victorian Edinburgh where crime and high society meet.

Jean Brash is beautiful, intelligent and in her prime. Owner of The Just Land, the best and most successful brothel in Victorian Edinburgh, she’s seen the highs and lows of society and been on both sides of the law, much to the frustration of her sparring partner, Inspector James McLevy. And Jean has a mind to do some sleuthing of her own …

It’s Spring and Jean Brash is raring to go. A theatre company arrives in Leith to perform King Lear. A ruthless robbery is planned, a gruesome murder committed, both of which set off unwanted events and unearth long buried connections from Jean’s past.

Even more lethally, her own lost family life explodes in the present, as a wild young actress who trails violence and death behind her, involves Jean in a dangerous complex game that threatens to destroy the very root of her identity and everything Jean has fought to achieve.

Jean Brash is my favourite character and David Ashton’s writing is as delicious, elegant and compelling as she isSiobhan Redmond (Jean Brash in BBC Radio 4’s McLevy series)


PRAISE FOR THE INSPECTOR McLEVY AND JEAN BRASH SERIES Ashton is an old hand at milking the Old Town, New Town and Leith for their maximum atmosphere, suspense and air of criminality. That, combined with the intriguing premise of a crime-solving brotel-keeper, makes Mistress of the Just Land a most diverting page turner
Financial Times
Mclevy is a sort of Victorian Morse with a heart, prowling the mean wynds and tenements of the endlessly fascinating city. David Ashton impeccably evokes Edinburgh so vividly that you feel the cold in your bones and the menace of the Old Town's steep cobbles and dark corners
The Times
An intriguing Victorian story... elegant and convincing
Brian Cox, CBE - Award-winning actor
McLevy is one of the greatest psychological creations and Ashton the direct heir to Robert Louis Stevenson
The Sherlock Holmes Society
David Ashton's writing is excellent, his characters thoroughly convincing and his narrative grabs you
Ashton's McLevy is a man obsessed with meting out justice and with demons of his own
Siobhan Redmond (Jean Brash in BBC Radio 4’s McLevy series)
Here is Jean Brash centre stage in all her splendour - clever, cheeky, generous, alluring, hard-headed, yet prone to the occasional burst of crazy romanticism, an old friend who is full of surprises. I find her as irresistible as McLevy does: she's my favourite character and David Ashton's writing is as delicious, elegant and compelling as she is.