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Your child asks for her mother.
But she doesn’t mean you.

‘Mysterious.’ ‘Captivating.’ ‘Intriguing.’ Keep Me Safe is a book you will never forget.

Daniela Sacerdoti is adored by over 1 million readers. If you read one book this summer, make it Keep Me Safe.

When Anna’s partner walks away from their relationship, she is shattered. But it is her little girl Ava who takes it hardest of all. The six year old falls silent for three days. When she does speak, her words are troubling. Ava wants to go home. To a place called Seal. To her other mother.

Anna knows to unravel the mystery she must find Seal and take Ava there. She hopes this tiny island will unlock her daughter’s memories. But could it also offer a new life…and unexpected love…for Anna too?

The praise is flooding in for Keep Me Safe. Have you read it yet?

‘Page-turning… A summer reading treat for fans of Jodi Picoult or Dorothy Koomson’ Daily Express

‘I could almost hear the sea and the wind. A great book’ Lesley Pearse

‘I couldn’t put it down’ Daily Mail

‘Astoundingly good’ The Sun

‘I fell in love with this book’ Prima magazine

‘Heartwarming and mysterious’ Katie Fforde

I was hooked from the beginning’ Alice Peterson

A mysterious journey to Seal, a place I already want to revisit’ Dani Atkins

‘Exciting and emotional. I’m thrilled to find this is the first in a new series’ Linda’s Book Bag


If you're looking for a story that will transport you to another place, for characters who will captivate you and you'll care about and a narrative that is exciting and emotional Keep Me Safe is exactly what you're after. I highly recommend it
Linda's Book Bag
Emotional...mysterious...I couldn't put it down
Daily Mail
These books deserve to be read by a greater audience as they have such depth and range to their storylines... Plenty of grit and real emotion and a lot of food for thought
Shaz’s Book Boudoir on DON’T BE AFRAID
A poignant and beautifully crafted story. Impossible to put it down
Novelicious on WATCH OVER ME
I was hooked from the beginning, longing to jump into bed each night to carry on Anna and Ava's story, rooting for the mystery to be unravelled and for them to find their happy ending. Softly paced yet captivating, Dani lures you into her novel, making sure you feel a part of the story too. I loved it
Alice Peterson
She creates a world you wish you didn't have to leave
The Scots Magazine on WATCH OVER ME
The contemporary romance is beautifully balanced with elements of mystery and endearing characters that both break and capture the heart. A stunning talent, Sacerdoti writes beautiful fiction that feeds the soul
Shari Low, Daily Record on TAKE ME HOME
Such a heartfelt story and written with compassion and absolute sensitivity...One of the most uplifting books that I've read. Shows Daniela's talents as a gifted storyteller beautifully. 5/5
One More Page on DON’T BE AFRAID
A very good read!
Compelling Reads on DON’T BE AFRAID
A beautiful, poignant and magical story and its one I won't forget for quite a while
A Lover of Books on DON’T BE AFRAID
I quickly became completely and utterly immersed in the story and felt like I was part of the scenery. It was so moving and emotional in parts that I could not breathe! Daniela writes in such a compelling way that you cannot wait to find out what happens next even if you know that your heart is going to break in two! Overall marvellously uplifting and left me with peace and hope
Kim the Bookworm on TAKE ME HOME
Beautifully written. The descriptions of Seal were so realistic I could almost hear the sea and the wind. A great book
Lesley Pearse
I defy you not to fall in love with the place, the characters and the writing
Lisa Reads Books
Heartwarming and intriguing. An absorbing and mysterious journey to Seal, a place I already want to revisit
Dani Atkins
Beautifully written and atmospheric. I adored KEEP ME SAFE
The Sun
Daniela Sacerdoti is fast becoming one of my favourites: and here she has written another extraordinary and beautiful story
Daniela writes with pure emotion and I felt this on each and every page
Rea Book Reviews on TAKE ME HOME
One of the most beautiful books I have ever read
Serendipity Reviews on WATCH OVER ME
A poignant and romantic tale, laced at times with sadness, but full of charm, affection and ultimately hope
Owl Music on WATCH OVER ME
So vivid you can hear the waves crashes and smell the thick sea air...if you are looking for something with a bit of romance, mystery, intrigue, supernatural and family dramas I think you will greatly enjoy this one
Always Reading
Poignant, full of emotions and concentrates on sensitive topics. One of those rare gems, a book that spoke to my heart and completely drew me into its magical world where I was a listener, an observer, a witness... I can't imagine my life without Daniela's books. They are all beautifully written and magical, and Daniela once again shows her great talent for creating an atmospheric read which is quite an emotional rollercoaster
This Chick Reads on DON’T BE AFRAID
An absolute joy to read, the story is engaging, the characters are believable and the writing is lovely... Definitely a book to add to the summer reading list, and one that you won't be able to put down
The Press and Journal on SET ME FREE
Heartwarming and mysterious with great atmosphere
Katie Fforde
Dani has easily become one of my favourite authors of all time; she has a unique style of writing that sets her aside from other authors of the same genre and the storylines are instantly recognisable as being a Sacerdoti tale
Kirsty at Book Love Bug on SET ME FREE
I fell in love with this book
Prima magazine
Dani's writing pulled me in... It reminded me of the safety of those arms around you as a child when something scares you. Everything felt very real to me and certainly had an effect on my emotions. This is one woman's path to healing and is full of love, hope, promise and loyalty. The most poignant Glen Avich novel yet!
Jera’s Jamboree on DON’T BE AFRAID