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ebook / ISBN-13: 9780751580228

Price: £14.99

ON SALE: 10th March 2022

Genre: Fiction & Related Items / Romance / Adult & Contemporary Romance

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What's Inside

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This thought-provoking, emotionally intelligent, hilarious, sexy and always sharp novel is a fabulous ride
Daily Mail
Buchanan is a queen of acerbic wit and demonstrates an incredible talent for the dark comedy that so perfectly articulates the often poisonous power structures at play
Irish Times
Full of brilliant characters, loveable chaos and a world of magazine nostalgia. If you've ever had a job suck your soul, even slightly, you'll love it.
Emma Gannon
Careering is an absolute triumph. Daisy has woven an astute tale of ambition and its place in women's lives, putting words to feelings I've had for age. How is it possible Daisy is so clever? This novel should be a must-read for everybody who has ever thought life will be better once their work rewards them. Spoiler: it won't, and this novel makes it feel ok. Unmissable.
Laura Jane Williams
A witty tale of the toxic world of modern work
Just as hilarious as her first [novel]
This is a fabulous and fierce take on womanhood in the workplace and the toxic relationship we can have with our vocation.
Magic Radio
Blisteringly funny and painfully perceptive, with a warmth that radiates off the page, this book will speak straight to the heart of anyone who has ever felt like their own career is playing hard-to-get. Daisy has that magic gift, of capturing the nuance and detail of a very specific world in such a way that it feels universally, eternally relatable. It's a triumph.
Lauren Bravo
Careering is about modern womanhood, giving a funny, honest take on what it's like when a dream job turns sour - and what happens when you reach the other side of a toxic relationship with your career.
I Paper
Buchanan's incisive, sharp-witted novel has plenty to say about women's working lives.
Mail on Sunday
Hilarious, astute and full of human truths, Careering is a compelling and thoughtful read that every woman (and man) should have on their shelves. Buchanan portrays women and their lives better than anyone and I came out the other side feeling thoroughly broken and yet somehow stronger than before.
Lucy Vine
An entertaining read that reminds us we've all got more in common than we think
Daisy Buchanan is a spirited, observant writer who captures the brutality of the magazine industry through the eyes of her relatable underdog heroine
Daily Express
As she did with sex in her first novel, Insatiable, now Daisy Buchanan holds up a mirror to the changing way we work in the raw and relatable Careering.
Buchanan's real talent is writing sex. As in her debut novel, Insatiable, there's not a cringey metaphor in sight. The intimacy is so real that it feels a bit dirty to read it on the Tube - devour it at home instead
The Sunday Times
Funny and warm but also so sharp on the struggles of women who want it all. Daisy's insight about being a woman trying to navigate life and desire is brilliant.
Ayisha Malik
The zeitgeisty read tackles the myth of the girl boss, with feelings of imposter syndrome, burnout and comparison rife throughout. Though entertaining - you can't help but cringe at some of the situations Imogen finds herself in - the novel takes a hard look at the very real challenges women still face in the workplace today. With the events of the last two years making many question what really matters in life, Buchanan leaves you with the reminder that whether you love or loathe your job, it doesn't define who you are or put a value on your self-worth.
Hilarious, acutely observant and completely engrossing
Issy Suttie
A love story about work, self-worth and modern womanhood, Careering is, quite simply, the funniest novel I've read all year.
Nell Frizzell
We are so ready for this book. Exploring the exhausting push-pull of trying to pin down a career you love but that doesn't love you back, Buchanan's book is set to capture the zeitgeist as so many of us question where we're at.
Daisy Buchanan writes about all the chaos and conflict of being a young woman in a hard-edged, hard-faced world
Appallingly funny and ruthlessly honest, CAREERING shines a deeply human light on the exhausting highs and lows of life as a modern working woman. I loved it and related to just about every word.
Rosie Walsh
An honest, raw account of being a working woman
The Sun
Sexy, funny and insightful, a must for anyone who's ever worked in a creative environment.
Belfast Telegraph
A hard look at the often toxic relationship working women have with their dream jobs.
Irish Times