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Small Pleasures

Small Pleasures

‘The 21st century heir to Jane Austen, Barbara Pym and Elizabeth Taylor. Small Pleasures is both gripping and a huge delight’ Amanda Craig, author of The Lie of the Land

‘The glorious literary equivalent of pulling the duvet over your headIf you admire Tessa Hadley or Anne Tyler (and there are shades of Barbara Pym too), then this is one for you’ Bookseller, Book of the Month

1957, south-east suburbs of London.
Jean Swinney is a feature writer on a local paper, disappointed in love and – on the brink of forty – living a limited existence with her truculent mother: a small life from which there is no likelihood of escape.

When a young Swiss woman, Gretchen Tilbury, contacts the paper to claim that her daughter is the result of a virgin birth, it is down to Jean to discover whether she is a miracle or a fraud. But the more Jean investigates, the more her life becomes strangely (and not unpleasantly) intertwined with that of the Tilburys: Gretchen is now a friend, and her quirky and charming daughter Margaret a sort of surrogate child. And Jean doesn’t mean to fall in love with Gretchen’s husband, Howard, but Howard surprises her with his dry wit, his intelligence and his kindness – and when she does fall, she falls hard.

But he is married, and to her friend – who is also the subject of the story she is researching for the newspaper, a story that increasingly seems to be causing dark ripples across all their lives. And yet Jean cannot bring herself to discard the chance of finally having a taste of happiness. But there will be a price to pay – and it will be unbearable.
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Genre: Fiction & Related Items / Modern & Contemporary Fiction (post C 1945)

On Sale: 9th July 2020

Price: £19.99

ISBN-13: 9781474613927


PRAISE FOR CLARE CHAMBERS 'Clare Chambers is a diamond in the dust' Independent on Sunday 'Clare Chambers' characters are so vivid that, by the end of the book, they feel like old friends' Daily Mail
A delicious mystery and a touching exploration of loneliness and desire in cloying 1950s suburbia - a great read.
Sally Magnusson, author of THE SEALWOMAN'S GIFT
Small Pleasures is the best sort of book: full of longing, regret and difficult emotions but leavened with so much warmth and humour it was a joy from start to finish.
Francesca Jakobi, author of BITTER
Small Pleasures is a gorgeous treat of a novel: the premise is fascinating, the characters beautifully drawn and utterly compelling, the period setting masterfully and delicately evoked, and the plot is full of unexpected twists and turns. And oh, the finale broke my heart. I just couldn't put this novel down.
Laura Barnett, #1 bestselling author of THE VERSIONS OF US
Clare Chambers is that rare thing, a novelist of discreet hilarity, deep compassion and stiletto wit whose perspicacious account of suburban lives with their quiet desperation and unexpected passion makes her the 21st century heir to Jane Austen, Barbara Pym and Elizabeth Taylor. Small Pleasures is both gripping and a huge delight. I loved what she did with the trope of the claim of a virgin birth, and how the hope of a miracle opens the door to love, kindness and hope in an arid existence. This is better than Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine and deserves just as much acclaim.
Amanda Craig, author of THE LIE OF THE LAND
Small Pleasures is a tender and heart-rending tale that will draw you in from the first page and keep you gripped until the very end. Exquisitely compelling!
Ruth Hogan, author of THE KEEPER OF LOST THINGS
I adored Small Pleasures. It's engrossing and gripping: you want to race on and relish every sentence at the same time. I love the way Clare writes - her wry, subtle turns of phrase, the humour in the smallest of observations, the finely drawn characters. A wonderful book'
Sabine Durrant, author of LIE WITH ME
The glorious literary equivalent of pulling the duvet over your head... Both an absorbing mystery and a tender love story - and the ending is devastating. Chambers is a writer who finds the truth in things. If you admire Tessa Hadley or Anne Tyler (and there are shades of Barbara Pym too), then this is one for you.
Alice O'Keefe, The Bookseller, Book of the Month
The must-read uplifting book of the summer.
This is one of the most tender, beautiful books I have ever read. Please, please order it now for July. I honestly don't want you to be without it. It is exquisite.
Lucy Mangan
A devourable mystery with a side order of love story set in 1950s suburbia.
Rosamund Dean, GRAZIA
Hauntingly tender, and written with powerful grace, Clare Chambers's Small Pleasures is an absolute joy from start to finish... Laying bare a quivering three-way tug between obligation, propriety and passion, and the inexplicable way thunderbolt-bonds are formed between similar-souled individuals, Jean's conflicts and chance to love truly get under your skin. What a remarkable book, with a dagger-sharp climax that will pierce your heart.
LOVEREADING - July Picks of the Month and a Star Book
Quietly remarkable... Small Pleasures is no small pleasure.
Andrew Billen, THE TIMES
There are small pleasures aplenty in Clare Chambers' quietly observed, 1950s-set story... Chambers' novel combines a startling storyline with an engagingly nuanced portrait of post-war suburban femininity.
Claire Allfree, METRO
This is a dazzling, exquisitely written story of how happiness and even love can find us when we least expect it.
Sarra Manning, RED
I loved this novel, which simmers with repressed emotions, and the gut punch of an ending really stayed with me.
Jo Finney, GOOD HOUSEKEEPING, Book of the Month
A stunning novel to steal your heart.
A beautiful and moving read set in 1950s suburbia that'll be on bookseller tables across the land this summer
Francesca Brown, STYLIST
A gentle, heart-aching mystery that's infused with empathy and a keen understanding of stifling 1950s mores.
Stephanie Cross, DAILY MAIL
There's compassion and quiet humour to be found in this tale of a putative virgin birth in postwar suburban London... Chambers's eye for drab, undemonstrative details achieves a Larkin-esque lucidity.
Alfred Hickling, GUARDIAN
An irresistible novel - wry, perceptive and quietly devastating.
Hephzibah Anderson, MAIL ON SUNDAY
The author's first novel in almost 10 years is so good it made me want to read her entire backlist!.. An enticing read.
Nina Pottell, PRIMA