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Selected for the FBI’s elite Hostage Rescure Team, Special Agent Jeremy Waller is about to fight terrorism at its source – by diving headlong into a violent world of trapdoor truths and shifting alliances. And he’ll have copmany: a beautiful executive more adept at murder than marketing who turns his assignment into a cipher…a rutherless tycoon set on selling a revolutionary technology to terrorists…and a female senator and presidential hopeful charged with an unspeakable crime. Here there is no justice – and only one way out of the darkness: Head even deeper into the shadows.


A neatly constructed debut, with all the black op trimmings.... A thriller debut that's driven by veracity...tethered to a fraught reality that may well be happening right now.
Kirkus Reviews
Whitcomb parlays the experiences and expertise of a 15-year career with the FBI into a cutting-edge counterterrorism thriller. Imaginative plotting, rock-solid prose, fascinating technology and blasts of furious action will hold readers hostage until th
Publishers Weekly
Whitcomb uses his insider knowledge of the Bureau and the beltway to create a compelling context-character assassination taken to the next level-for a political thriller. Entertaining election-year read
In its account of the zone where webs of technology, finance and intrigue intertwine to create a huge, hidden sensorium, Black offers as exotic and lyrically paranoid a worldview as any Don DeLillo fan could wish for.
James Parker, New York Times Book Review