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A thorough, thoughtful dive into the revolution coming for our plates. I learned so much
<b>Bianca Bosker, author of <i>Cork Dork</i></b>
A wild ride to the far horizon of our food system. Chase Purdy breaks important new ground in this gripping account about the innovators, activists and big-money investors who are reinventing meat as we know it. Not only are they changing the world - they're doing it a lot faster than you think
<b>Christopher Leonard, author of <i>Kochland</i></b>
This is a fast-paced, early peek into what will soon be the topic at dinner for the next two decades: lab-grown meat. What do we call it, is it good, should I eat it? Read this and get ahead of the curve
<b>Kevin Kelly, Senior Maverick at <i>Wired</i> and author of <i>The Inevitable</i></b>
Billion Dollar Burger is a journalistic feat, offering us the first real, behind-the-scenes look at the wild world of vegans, scientists and venture capitalists racing to upend our plates. A thoughtful, entertaining, well-researched and essential book
<b>Helena Bottemiller Evich, James Beard Award-winning food and agriculture reporter at <i>Politico</b></i>
Can humanity move beyond the slaughterhouse? Billion Dollar Burger is a compulsive and well-researched account of the scientists, entrepreneurs and activists trying to save the world through high-tech meat
<b>Douglas Rushkoff, author of <i>Team Human</i></b>
A deeply reported account of the science, politics, and personalities behind cell-cultured meat that every eater needs to read. Chase Purdy brings the stuff of science fiction to life in this fascinating book
<b>John Mackey, founder and CEO Whole Foods Market</b>
Chase Purdy brilliantly chronicles the emergence of a new industry poised to set us on the path to a more humane future, with dramatic implications for agriculture, the environment and the way we think about food
<b>Martin Ford, author of <i>Rise of the Robots</i> and <i>Architects of Intelligence</i></b>
A thoroughly enjoyable read. Chase Purdy offers us a window into this nascent industry at a particularly interesting time in the growth of the early pioneer cultured meat companies. He delivers an insightful narrative into the future of our food system and navigates the politics and personalities that are shaping the scaling, regulation and consumer acceptance of cultured meat
<b>Illtud Dunsford, CEO, Cellular Agriculture Ltd</b>
A very interesting read. This advance in technology could have a massive influence on our future. Whether or not you'd serve lab-grown meat on your dinner table, it has the power to save billions of animals from exploitation and could enable us to conserve the planet
<b>Lucy Watson, bestselling author of <i>Feed Me Vegan</i></b>
A well-researched and insightful narrative of the "edible space race" . . . Billion Dollar Burger is an exciting and unpredictable journey into the heart of a growing new sector that will have huge consequences for the future of the planet
Gege Li, Chemistry World