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Almost a quarter of women and one in twenty men have been sexually assaulted or had attempts made

9 out of 10 victims knew their abuser before the attack

Sexual violence is an epidemic impacting all of us

We need to talk about what happens next

Activist and journalist Catriona Morton, wants to change the narrative around survivors, and asks us to reconsider the ways we understand surviving sexual violence.

In the aftermath of the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements, a cultural conversation has been ignited about the prevalence, immediate impact and long-term effects that sexual violence has on people. It has begun conversations on sexism, misogyny, consent and trauma. But those conversations often skim over what it’s really like to live in the aftermath of such sexual violence.”

In The Way We Survive, Catriona Morton offers up a cultural critique of rape culture in the UK, along with personal, intimate insights into how survivors live with and cope in the aftermath of such a violation.

Exploring consent and education, the mental and physical health of survivors, the cultural shift concerning attitudes surrounding sexual violence, the impact of politics and governmental cuts to survivors in the UK as well as the realities of subjects such as dating and reclaiming sexuality in the aftermath of sexual violence, this book is utterly essential.


Honest and unapologetic, Catriona Morton's book brings nuance and poignant personal insight to a topic which is more than just 'timely' -- sexual violence is a lived a reality for many of us in society, and has always been. In so doing, she offers a guiding hand for any victim or survivor out there who has felt lost, isolated, or misunderstood. A book that builds community and understanding.
Winnie M Li, author of Complicit
A luminous, empathetic, inclusive and urgent book. This book taught me so much about trauma and survival, about the world, and about myself. Catriona's voice is clear and lucid and it is a lifeline to survivors everywhere and those who love them. I am so grateful for this book and I will return to it again and again. Everyone should read it.
Lucia Osborne-Crowley, author of My Body Keeps Your Score