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The TOP FIVE Sunday Times Bestseller

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‘Enchanting, evocative and utterly magical.. I LOVED this book!’

‘A brilliant book’


Theatres have a certain kind of magic. When the curtain rises, we are all enraptured by the glare of the lights and the smell of the greasepaint but it’s when the curtain falls that the real drama begins . . .

In 1952 two young lovers meet, in secret, at the beautiful Southern Cross theatre in the very heart of London’s West End. Their relationship is made up of clandestine meetings and stolen moments because there is someone who will make them suffer if he discovers she is no longer ‘his’. But life in the theatre doesn’t always go according to plan and tragedy and heartache are waiting in the wings for all the players . . .

Almost seventy years later, a new production of When the Curtain Falls arrives at the theatre, bringing with it Oscar Bright and Olive Green and their budding romance. Very soon, though, strange things begin to happen and they learn about the ghost that’s haunted the theatre since 1952, a ghost who can only be seen on one night of the year. Except the ghost is appearing more often and seems hell bent on sabotaging Oscar and Olive. The young couple realise they need to right that wrong from years gone by, but can they save themselves before history repeats itself and tragedy strikes once more?

Moulin Rouge meets Phantom of the Opera in this spellbinding and magical story of unrequited love and revenge. When the Curtain Falls is Carrie Hope Fletcher at her romantic best – it will take your breath away.


Carrie Hope Fletcher is fast becoming our go-to for spellbinding stories with a magical edge
Think Chocolat with a heaped tablespoon of Bake Off
Mail on Sunday on All That She Can See
Utterly enchanting
Jill Mansell on On The Other Side
An enchanting and magical love story that reminded me so much of Cecelia Ahern
Ali McNamara on On The Other Side
Strikingly creative, humorous and saturated with warmth
thecoast.net.nz on On The Other Side
A spellbinding story of life, love and secrets, magic sparkles from every page
Miranda Dickinson on On The Other Side
A heart-warming love story laced with magical realism
Samantha Shannon on On The Other Side
A thoroughly, magical and riveting story that hooks you in from the first page and takes you on a roller coaster ride towards the last.
The Bookbag Blog
Enchanting, evocative and utterly magical, When The Curtain Falls is a theatrical delight. You can see the dust rising in the spotlights and feel the audience hold their breath as the story plays out. There's intrigue, mystery and humour, but at its heart this is a tale of love and hope against the odds. I LOVED this book!
Miranda Dickinson
A spellbinding story of unrequited love
A feather-light tale with a touch of spookiness
An enchanting story about the spellbinding magic of theatre... a romantic tale about love conquering against all odds.