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Brigid Quinn has been shot at, stabbed in the spleen with a nail file and used as serial-killer bait. But she’s always been able to trust her instincts and her FBI-training to help her out of danger.

Now, retired from the Bureau and investigating the tragic death of a neighbour’s teenage son, Brigid starts to suffer unexplained bouts of paranoia, hallucination and memory loss. And for the first time in her life, she feels vulnerable.

But with a mass poisoning at the church, a dead man found in town and a grieving family convinced their son’s death wasn’t an accident, Brigid needs to put the pieces together – fast. Because evil has entered her life once more, and it’s much closer than she thinks . . .


Ms. Masterman once again shows herself to be an expert manipulator of readers' expectations.
Resourceful, direct, and determined - especially in the face of pure, murderous evil - in her second outing, Brigid Quinn remains a fun force to be reckoned with.
Addictive, intriguing, terrifying: the stunning new thriller starring Brigid Quinn.
"With telling observations on the human condition, the nature of love and the corruption of greed, this is simply superb."
A highly engaging blend of psychological thriller and Miss Marple-like whodunit... Her [Masterman's] strength's are polished prose and her beguiling heroine, an usually complicated sleuth married to a philosopher.

A Brigid Quinn investigation