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The third in New York Times bestselling author Anne Bishop’s captivating Black Jewels trilogy. War is coming to the Shadow-Realm. To save millions of lives, Witch must sacrifice only one: hers.

Jaenelle, the long-prophesised Witch Queen, has finally healed, and emerged stronger than ever to claim her throne.

But for centuries a taint has been creeping across the realms, corrupting those born into power. Now war is coming to the Shadow-Realm – and Witch is helpless to prevent it.

The Dreamweavers’ webs show two paths. One will see the blood of millions spilled, the other will see the taint destroyed – and only one person needs to die.


‘A powerful finale for this fascinating, uniquely dark trilogy’ – Locus


A powerful finale for this fascinating, uniquely dark trilogy.
The ambitiously large cast of characters became real and sympathetic, and in the end I found the story irresistible
It Puts the Blog in the Basket
a very satisfying trilogy in a very rich, complex, and dark world
an incredible escape into a world that floored me . . . if I were you, I would not let this series pass you by like it did with me for so long.
KBG Babbles
As engaging, as strongly characterised and as fully conceived as its predecessors . . . a perfect - and very moving - conclusion
The SF Site
A storyteller of stunning intensity, Ms Bishop has a knack for appealing but complex characterisation realised in a richly drawn, imaginative ambiance
Romantic Times

The Black Jewels Trilogy