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The second in New York Times bestselling author Anne Bishop’s captivating Black Jewels trilogy. Witch has come, but now she is lost in darkness – and the fate of everyone she loves hangs in the balance.

For centuries, they have waited. Now Witch – the long-prophesised Queen who will bring freedom to the realms – has finally come. But she is lost in darkness, and has a long road to recovery ahead of her.

While Saetan, her adopted father, waits for her to return to the living world, Daemon, the third side of the triangle needed to complete the prophecy, walks in the Twisted Kingdom on the edge of madness.

As insidious whispers and dark schemes ferment treachery and betrayal, Witch must decide who she is, and what she will become.

To protect those she loves, she must be more than an heir. She must become a Queen.

‘Stunning’ – Liz Loves Books


As much as I enjoyed Daughter of the Blood I loved Heir to the Shadows even more
Feeling Fictional
Bishop seems to delight in turning fantasy conventions on their head . . . darkly opulent, often exotic
It really is stunning in its complexity, so wonderful to read, as far as dark fantasy goes you won't find much better than this
Liz Loves Books
I'm hooked, and looking forward to the final book in the trilogy
Blog in the Basket
a delight to read . . . one of the few sequels I've come across that actually enhances the original book
All About Romance
imaginative and sweeping
Red Hot Books
The fabulous talent of Anne Bishop is showcased in Heir to the Shadows . . . Ms Bishop's striking magical concepts and powerful images are wonderfully leavened with unexpected dash and humour, creating an irresistible treat for fantasy fans
Romantic Times
All the elements that made the first book such a gripping read are present: vivid and sympathetic characters, a fascinating and fully-realised magical system. . .lavish and sensuous descriptions, and interesting world-building that turns traditional gender roles and concepts of dominance and submission on their heads . . . It's a terrific read, and I highly recommend both it and Daughter of the Blood
The SF Site
Daemon, Lucivar and Saetan ooze more sex appeal than any three fictional characters created in a very long time
The Romance Reader

The Black Jewels Trilogy