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Max Hager has been eating lunch at the same Granite, Texas, diner for the past ten years. Not only is he a loyal customer, but he’s also good friends with the owner, “Pops.” For years, Pops has gone out of his way to make Max any special lunch he wants. So when Pops confides that the diner is in danger of closing because of the new food truck across the street, Max concocts the perfect plan. He’ll pretend to be the town’s new health inspector and get the food truck shut down.

Jessa Gibson may be new in town, but her gourmet food truck business is booming and it’s only a matter of time before she has enough money saved to open the restaurant of her dreams. So when the health inspector appears, Jessa is more than ready to correct the violations he’s insisting she’s breached…if only they made any sense. Smiling her best fake smile at the cocky–and annoyingly handsome– inspector, Jessa gets to work.

When Max appears the next day he’s shocked to see sweet, gullible Jessa actually followed the ridiculous guidelines he made up on the spot. Suddenly, the voluptuous redhead is feeding him an insanely delicious meal. The next thing he knows, Max has Jessa in his bed, and she’s quickly making her way into his heart. But, how can he reveal his secret without losing her for good?