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Tristan is the modern day slave of Astor, master of the clandestine slave circle called the jeu. Astor is intent on cleansing the jeu of its corrupt masters while fighting the demons of his past. Konstantine is the ancient slave of Abarak. Taken captive during the Crusades, his mind is opened to a panorama of bondage and sexual delight in pursuit of a dream of ancient spiritual bliss. Tristan is gradually succeeding in thawing ice-cold Astor, who he loves devotedly. Master and slave embark on a journey to the birthplace of the jeu where they reconnect to its mysterious roots. However, Tristan is coveted by twisted rival master Jummal, who will stop at nothing to procure him. Tortuous days lie ahead for master and slave as Astor fights to retain his hold on the jeu and Tristan is taken hostage by a man sexually darker than he could ever imagine.