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Living Better

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29th April 2021

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Selected: Paperback / ISBN-13: 9781529331837

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Last Christmas I almost killed myself. Almost. I’ve had a lot of almosts. Never gone from almost to deed. Don’t think I ever will. But it was a bad almost.

Living Better is Alastair Campbell’s honest, moving and life affirming account of his lifelong struggle with depression. It is an autobiographical, psychological and psychiatric study, which explores his own childhood, family and other relationships, and examines the impact of his professional and political life on himself and those around him. But it also lays bare his relentless quest to understand depression not just through his own life but through different treatments. Every bit as direct and driven, clever and candid as he is, this is a book filled with pain, but also hope — he examines how his successes have been in part because of rather than despite his mental health problems — and love.

We all know someone with depression. There is barely a family untouched by it. We may be talking about it more than we did, back in the era of ‘boys don’t cry’ – they did you know – and when a brave face or a stiff upper lip or a best foot forward was seen as the only way to go. But we still don’t talk about it enough. There is still stigma, and shame, and taboo. There is still the feeling that admitting to being sad or anxious makes us weak. It took me years, decades even to get to this point, but I passionately believe that the reverse is true and that speaking honestly about our feelings and experiences (whether as a depressive or as the friend or relative of a depressive) is the first and best step on the road to recovery. So that is what I have tried to do here.


Deeply personal and revealing
Superbly readable, supremely useful. Unflinching, clear-eyed, honest, raw and revealing, this book may be the most important achievement of Alastair Campbell's vivid and varied life. For anyone who has lived with depression or lived with someone who lives with depression LIVING BETTER will be indispensable and - potentially - even a life-saver
I thought I knew everything there was to know about Alastair but LIVING BETTER reveals so much more. It is typical of him to take his own struggles and lay them out so candidly to help those who have depression deal with it and help those who don't - like me - understand it better. Alastair is living proof that it is possible to have depression and yet achieve so much
A book about hope and about love and how they can conquer all
DENISE WELCH, of Coronation Street and Loose Women
As a fellow sufferer, I found LIVING BETTER fascinating, compelling and totally relatable. There were times it moved me to tears, other times it had me smiling and laughing, but above all it made me reflect that I am not alone, and that there are always new things we can do to help others, and to help ourselves. If everyone read and acted on this book, the world would be a better place
JOHANN HARI, author of Lost Connections
LIVING BETTER is a profound and moving book and everyone should read it
MARO ITOJE, Saracens and England rugby player
It is fascinating to see how someone seen as strong and tough can talk so openly about his vulnerabilities. I've no doubt that many sportsmen and women will both identify with and learn from LIVING BETTER
Very touching, I'm sure it'll help many people. It made me feel less alone
The i
Deeply honest . . . [Campbell] articulately reflects on these issues in sharp detail, creating an all-encompassing and intricate look into mental health. This incredibly nuanced read will resonate with anyone
Daily Mail
A startlingly frank account of the rollercoaster moods which Campbell traces back to his childhood
It's an astonishing book. I feel I understand depression so much better. It is pacy and full of good concrete ideas. And although it is a serious subject there are times it is very funny
Sonia Delesalle-Stolper, Libération
Part deeply personal memoir, part self-help book, but above all a love letter to his family, and especially to Fiona, his partner of 40 years
It pains me to say so but this is a really good book. And it has changed the way I think about mental health and mental illness
This book will be so helpful to so many people, people who have depression, and people who love them
The independent, Best Self-Care Books for 2021
[Campbell] writes movingly about his lifelong struggle with depression