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The Last Human

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Audiobook Downloadable / ISBN-13: 9781473651296

Price: £21.99

ON SALE: 24th March 2020

Genre: Fiction & Related Items

Sarya Vald is the galaxy’s worst nightmare: a Human.

Fortunately, she’s the last one. Adopted and raised by the alien Senya, a terrifying sentient spider-like species known as a Widow, Sarya has lived on a space station her entire life, keeping her identity as a human secret even as she puzzles over the impossible questions behind her own existence.

1) How it is that she, and she alone, is the sole survivor of a race that was supposedly wiped out centuries ago?

2)What mysterious force could wipe out four trillion people in a single Galactic year, while making each death look like an accident?

3) What made the Humans so special – or so frightening – that they warranted such treatment?

When the station’s central intelligence, a grumpy AI named ELLIE, discovers the truth about Sarya’s origins, she’s forced to flee, a step ahead of rioting inhabitants and vicious enforcers. Together with a band of misfits and cutthroats, Sarya makes for the depths of space aboard a stolen ship, in desperate search of the truth behind her existence.

What she discovers is that humanity’s death was but one chess move in a war played out across light-years and centuries, by beings with minds so vast and alien that they might as well be gods. If Sarya is going to be more than just a pawn in their game and have a chance at saving humanity’s future, she herself will have to become something greater, and more alien, than she ever imagined.

(P) 2020 Hodder & Stoughton Ltd


Aliens, adventure, mystery, and big ideas in a thoroughly fresh package
Andy Weir, author of The Martian
The Last Human plays out like a kill squad of Bene Gesserit on a spree in Peter Hamilton's Confederation, using a Hitchhiker's Guide to navigate . . . easily the most fun read I've had all year!
Clint McElroy, co-author of The Adventure Zone series
The Last Human delivers characters who spring from the page with empathy, danger, cryptic motives and chills, all of it amid plenty of action and mystery, in a galaxy of wondrous possibilities
David Brin, author of The Postman
The Last Human is a very funny novel, full of compelling ideas, engaging dialogue and fascinating species and technology, and we hope to see more of the galaxy Jordan has created
Full of witty dialogue and wild alien characters . . . A spirited sci-fi romp full of fun ideas and imaginative worldbuilding
A highly accomplished postmodern space opera . . . Unique and thrilling