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‘Brave’ Liz Nugent
‘Compulsive’ John Marrs
‘Dazzling’ Chris Whitaker
‘Fearless’ Anna Mazzola
‘Masterful’ Araminta Hall
‘Powerful’ Louise Beech
‘Timely’ TM Logan

You know what it’s like.
A comment here, a closed door there, turning a blind eye to get ahead.

My name is Sarah Lai. You won’t have heard of me. A decade ago I was on the cusp of being a big deal. But that was a long time ago.

Now, instead of working in Hollywood, I teach students about it.

And these are the two most important lessons you need to know about the film industry:

1) Those with the money have all the power.
2) Those with the power get whatever they want.

Ignore these rules and the whole system will crumble.
Stick to the rules and you’ll succeed. But at what cost?

Ask yourself, what would you have done?


A real page turner and definitely a book that made me both squirm and reflect on what it means to be a woman in the film industry. Winnie writes with such detail and authority. I loved Sarah Lai's complex history and seeing the choices she made as a Asian American woman - not only was she a woman in the film business, she was a Chinese diaspora woman and the complexities that come with that. I loved it.
Maisie Chan
So powerful. Will stay with me for a long time.
Charlotte Jacklin
A compulsively readable meditation on power: who wields it, who wants it, and who suffers at the hands of it. The talent, work ethic, and ambitions of an immigrant daughter are no match for an amoral, billionaire film mogul. Or are they? Timely and intelligent, Complicit exposes Tinseltown's dark side and will resonate with any woman who has ever tried to make it to the top.
Jini Reddy
Totally compulsive. Truly gripping and unexpected ... an incredible and timely story.
Kirsty Capes
A fearless and brilliant novel about power, ambition and abuse in the film industry and what it means to be a survivor.
Anna Mazzola
This book. Wow. Straight into my books of the year. It made me angry. It made me cry. The prose is razor sharp, the story timely and powerful, and the end ... packed an emotional punch.
Louise Beech
Powerful and compulsive, an era defining novel that's impossible to put down.
John Marrs
A masterful example of the slow burn thriller, highlighting the still all too true fact that often the real terror for women is simply existing in a man's world. Also an ode to the power and beauty of story-telling. I loved it.
Araminta Hall
Bold, brilliant, dazzling and devastating. Winnie M Li writes with pure heart and effortless style, and in Complicit handles the sharpest of stories with such compassion and skill.
Chris Whitaker
A deep dive into the sleazy underbelly of the film industry prior to #MeToo, Complicit is a brave look at the innocents, the predators, their enablers and those who turned a blind eye to sexual harassment, abuse and rape. Winnie M Li weaves a story that is compelling, courageous and brutal in the best possible way.
Liz Nugent
A skilful, engrossing and timely thriller - as well as a deeply unsettling glimpse into the dark heart of Hollywood.
TM Logan
Winnie's skill as a writer is to forge out of a familiar film story one that is beautifully unique. It haunted me when I was away from it. An emotionally complex story, it ripples with foreboding and tension. Utterly compulsive reading.
Sarah Winman
A nuanced and very insightful look at the power dynamics within the film industry that lead to sexual assault, racial inequality, and the ruin of women's careers. I could not put it down.
Julie Cohen
COMPLICIT gives an insider's perspective on the murky, hidden world of the film industry, a bang-up-to-date me-too story that is as poignant as it is shocking. I was completely gripped by it. Winnie M. Li is a unique voice in crime fiction.
Jane Casey
Winnie M. Li's new novel focuses on one of the leading questions of our times: how complicit are we all in cultures of sexual harms and abuse? Never one to shirk difficult topics, Li takes readers on a roller-coster ride through our ethical obligations to other people, and ourselves. A beautifully written and riveting novel.
Professor Joanna Bourke
Complicit is a powerful but cleverly nuanced indictment of abuse of power which should set alarm bells ringing throughout the film industry. It shows how easily people's ambition can blind them to what's happening around them and sends them a clear a message: 'you could be next.' Timely, entirely believable and feverishly readable, Complicit will be huge.
Trevor Wood
Totally intoxicating, COMPLICIT is a heady mix of soul-crushingly devastating but also thrillingly glamorous. If you're into the real behind-the-scenes of Hollywood, I can't recommend this enough. It's the vacation read you NEED to pack.
Laura Jane Williams
Harrowing, powerful, and impossible to forget, COMPLICIT is a novel very much immersed in today's issues and complexities, while also managing to be strikingly intimate and charged with emotion. Winnie M Li explores the dark corners of entrenched power dynamics to shed a light on society as a whole, and she does it masterfully and with precision. A magnificent book.
Alex Segura
Some stories are so important, they can only be told by the right person. Winnie M Li is one such master storyteller, and COMPLICIT is the masterpiece. What a book.
Leye Adenle