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Co-Design Canvas

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12th October 2023

Price: £17.99

Selected:  Paperback / ISBN-13: 9789063696788

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Let everyone’s voice be truly heard in the co-design process!

Societal challenges are urgent and affect everyone, including politicians, citizens, government officials, business professionals, NGOs, designers and researchers. Understanding and addressing these challenges is difficult because no single stakeholder or organisation is solely responsible. Everything is interconnected and constantly changing, resulting in challenges being neglected and stakeholders being unable or unwilling to make important decisions.

The Co-Design Canvas is a practical and user-friendly tool that supports flexible planning, conducting, and evaluating of co-design processes for multi-stakeholder coalitions and facilitators. It encourages coalitions to discuss and consider eight co-design variables. The accompanying manual helps people find common ground and align their perspectives.

– Discover how to facilitate open and transparent dialogue.
– A useful tool for initiating, planning, conducting and assessing collaborations.
– Learn about inclusivity and effective collaboration in addressing societal challenges.

What's Inside

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Stephen Quest, Director-General Joint Research Centre (JRC) at the European Commission
An inspiring and practicable guide to help you kickstart lasting transformation - and have fun along the way.
Madeline Martyn, Learning Consultant
A leader's compass for the transformation journey. Packed with structured frameworks and fueled with experience and ideas, this book supports learning, coaching and teamwork on the journey. Great resources for moving forward - now where do you want to go?
Andre Christian, Vice President Innovation at SES, a global leading satellite operator
In today's rapidly evolving world, mastering the art of transforming while performing is essential for success. This book expertly guides you through the process, breaking down the necessary skills into simple, practical steps. Whether you're already navigating the challenges of transformation or just getting started, this book is a lifesaver, providing invaluable insights and support every step of the way for organisations to succeed.
Dr Max McKeown, Author of The Strategy Book and other influential books
Discover how to transform your organisation into a high performing powerhouse using visualisation, inspiration, and co-creation.
Stijn Nauwelaerts, Corporate Vice President Human Resources at Microsoft
Transforming while Performing is a must-read for anyone who wants to thrive in the fast-changing and competitive world of business. This book offers practical insights, tools, visual inspiration and strategies to help you balance innovation and execution, adapt to changing customer needs, and create a culture of continuous learning and improvement. Whether you are a business leader, a CxO, an entrepreneur or an innovator, you will find valuable lessons and inspiration in this book. Here's a perfect way to find your true North Star.
Wouter Quartier, Head of Digital, Transformation and Platforms at European Broadcasting Union (EBU)
Transforming while performing is the most challenging balance act. Now more than ever. With this book, Kristof and Olivier demonstrate why you need this balance and how to obtain it. It's great to see all their knowledge brought down to paper in an easy and accessible way.
Esther Gons, venture builder, co-author of The Corporate Startup and The Innovation Accounting book, founder of the GroundControl platform
A big challenge in innovation and change is to align stakeholders and management behind a shared vision and ambitions towards the future. This book helps you do just that. Start by asking the right questions and use the practical tools, insights, and step-by-step guidelines to turn your thoughts into actionable steps towards your North Star. Then, take it a step further and engage people to get the gears in motion.
Lise Conix, CEO at Torfs, a Belgian shoe retailer recognised as one of Europe’s best workplaces
This book is a roadmap for people who seek to empower their teams and create sustainable success. It sparked and energised our team, to build a future on our solid foundation whilst keeping our human DNA. We want to remain an inspiration for the industry.
Yves Van Rompaey, PhD, Senior Vice President Corporate Research & Development at Umicore, a leading circular materials technology company
The transforming while performing experience was a breath of fresh air for us. Their visualisation and co-creation techniques inspired us to unlock our full potential as a team, creating innovative technologies for a sustainable world.
Martine Vanremoortele, founder of
As a seasoned visual practitioner, I was immediately drawn to this book, which offers a valuable contribution to the field of visual strategy. The authors' successful use of visuals in real-life situations is noteworthy. This concise and well-organised handbook is not only a great read but also a valuable reference, providing practical tips and advice. I highly recommend this book as a useful resource and encourage readers to apply the practical advice provided.
Steve Collar, CEO at SES, a leading global satellite operator
Since engaging The Visual Senseformers in our transformation, they have walked with us on the journey, bringing their unique brand of insights, thought-provoking questioning and incredible visualisation. This book offers insight into their magic in helping an organisation shift its direction of travel, align around a strong purpose and motivate and engage teams.
Maitri O’Brien, author of New Leaders of Change: How Next Generation of Leaders are Transforming Themselves, Their Business and The World with Purpose and Empathy
GenAI is expanding human capacities and will co-produce most of our experiences by 2030. As distinctions between in-person and fully simulated reality blend, we must be more intentional about creating spaces for human interaction. In "Transforming while Performing," the authors take us on an immersive journey to create spaces in the real and in-person that enhance our connectedness, creativity, and collective intelligence. This book is a thorough, well- researched, practiced, and profoundly thought-out field guide for anyone who has struggled to lead with brain and heart.