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Intuitive Fasting

Paperback / ISBN-13: 9781529377026

Price: £16.99

ON SALE: 18th March 2021

Genre: Health & Personal Development

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Intuitive Fasting is Will’s clear four-week program designed to set you up to feel your best for all the other weeks to come… It’s full of what he’s learned about reducing inflammation, restoring balance, recharging metabolism, and resetting gut health.’ GWYNETH PALTROW, founder and CEO of goop

For some, the idea of fasting by eating only one or two meals a day still sounds like an extreme and overly restrictive dieting tactic. But many of us already feel like victims of our daily eating schedule: three meals a day, plus snacks. The truth is: this is an artificially constructed schedule that does not reflect our bodies’ natural cycles. In fact, eating three meals every day can cause metabolic inflexibility, which can easily lead to inflammation, weight gain, fatigue and chronic health problems. For millions of years, our bodies have functioned best with periodic times of fasting.

With his fresh approach to fasting, New York Times bestselling author and functional medicine expert Dr Will Cole gives you the ability to take control of your hunger and make intermittent fasting intuitive. You’ll get in touch with your instinctive eating patterns and become healthier and more mindful about how and when you eat. Intuitive Fasting will show you how to find metabolic flexibility – and once you’ve reached it, you can trust your body to function at optimal capacity, whether you’ve eaten six minutes or six hours ago.

During his 4-Week Flexible Fasting Plan, Dr Cole will guide you through varying intermittent fasting windows, with each week of the plan tailored to focus on a different aspect of your health. He demonstrates the most effective ways to fast and eat to amplify the health benefits of intermittent fasting, balancing rest and repair with nutrient dense, delicious foods. By the end of the four weeks, you will have all the tools necessary to:

– Reset your body
– Recharge your metabolism
– Renew your cells
– Rebalance your hormones

Along with more than 65 recipes, you’ll find a maintenance plan, so you can adapt fasting and feeding windows to work sustainably with your lifestyle.

‘If you’re looking for a way to recalibrate your body’s hunger signals, rebalance your cravings, and comfortably and safely learn how to fast, Intuitive Fasting is a must-read.’ ELLE MACPHERSON


Intermittent fasting has garnered attention as a powerful tool for health and longevity. And Intuitive Fasting makes both the science and user-friendly application of this exciting approach to human nutrition available for everyone. In the face of the multitude of health challenges that define our modern world, this program offers a potent defensive strategy.
Dr David Perlmutter, author of #1 New York Times bestsellers Grain Brain and Brain Wash
My esteemed colleague Dr Will Cole clearly cares about his patients' health, and he addresses the widespread misconceptions about intermittent fasting while giving readers a tailored week-by-week plan to get back in touch with what their body truly needs.
Dr Mark Hyman, director, the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine and New York Times bestselling author of Food Fix
It doesn't matter how much science advances, the only chance of survival for our species on the planet is to change the way we eat. Intermittent fasting can be practiced in many ways, but the superior way is to let nature dictate the rules. Fortunately, there are doctors that have tapped into this wisdom. Dr Will Cole is heading this movement, and Intuitive Fasting is the perfect way to get you started.
Dr Alejandro Junger, New York Times bestselling author of Clean Gut and Clean Eats
Dr Will Cole brings a holistic approach to intermittent fasting. Each week of his plan offers a different health benefit, including weight loss, disease prevention, and hormone rebalancing. Intuitive Fasting is full of new insights, thorough research, and delicious recipes.
Josh Axe, DNM, DC, CNS, bestselling author of Eat Dirt, Keto Diet, and Ancient Remedies
If you're looking for a way to recalibrate your body's hunger signals, rebalance your cravings, and comfortably and safely learn how to fast, Intuitive Fasting is a must-read. Dr Will Cole makes intermittent fasting accessible for everyone, encouraging vibrant health and wellness.
Elle Macpherson
In Intuitive Fasting, Dr Will Cole tackles common health issues that stem from our modern eating habits, like chronic inflammation and blood sugar imbalances. His sustainable and customizable fasting plan will help you become metabolically flexible and gives your body a chance to heal itself.
Dr Frank Lipman, New York Times bestselling author of The New Health Rules
My colleague and friend Dr Will Cole brilliantly shows us how to intermittent fast to gain metabolic flexibility and calm inflammation.
Dr Terry Wahls, IFMCP, bestselling author of The Wahls Protocol
Confused about what to eat? So is your body. But it doesn't have to be! Dr Will Cole's plan brings back metabolic flexibility and recalibrates our relationships with food. I couldn't recommend it more highly!
Dr Daniel Amen, New York Times bestselling author of Change Your Brain, Change Your Life
Intuitive Fasting shows us how to use flexible, intermittent fasting to look and feel our best. Wise, warm, and full of top-notch guidance, Dr Will Cole has been a leading voice in innovative dietary regimens to regain health and maintain wellness.
Dr Jason Fung, bestselling author of The Obesity Code