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Everything is a Game

ebook / ISBN-13: 9781398701847

Price: £9.99

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The food is late. Your plane is delayed. You’re stuck inside on a rainy day with only half of a monopoly board and some ludo pieces for company.

What you want is something to kill twenty minutes, half an hour, an hour, but who remembers how to play games anymore. Guiltily you reach for your smartphone or tablet, feeling like the worst parent who ever lived…

Until now.

THE BOOK YOU GIVE THEM INSTEAD OF AN IPAD – will be the book you take with you, in the boot of the car, in the side pocket of your hand-luggage, to provide screen-free fun in any context.

From remixing classic games like blind man’s buff and charades into Room Defence or Moustache !, or taking household objects and making up entirely new games, this will be the perfect way of having better-quality family time.