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Tracy Borman’s Crown & Sceptre is hugely impressive. A breath-taking amount of research has been packed painlessly into this compelling and engaging saga of Britain’s kings and queens. Lively, pacy and marvellously concise and informative, it grips the reader from the first page. A stunning tour de force and a remarkable achievement. Alison Weir

‘Tracy Borman’s Crown & Sceptre is a crisp, delightfully clear, and perfectly weighted compendium – it brims with need-to-know facts, laced with intriguing, revealing, detail. She cleverly tells the tale of Britain, through the prism of monarchy. This is Our Island Story for the modern age.‘ – Charles Spencer

Crown and Sceptre shows an astonishing command of a thousand years of the British monarchy, its traditions, roles and realities beyond the pageantry and romance. Beautifully crafted, insightful, and a genuine pleasure to read, it underscores the royal heritage at the heart of a nation.” – Lauren Mackay

‘This royal throne of king
s, this sceptred isle’
(William Shakespeare, Richard II)

The British monarchy is the one of the most iconic and enduring institutions in the world. It has weathered the storms of rebellion, revolution and war that brought many of Europe’s royal families to an abrupt and bloody end. Its unique survival owes much to the fact that, for all its ancient traditions and protocol, the royal family has proved remarkably responsive to change, evolving to reflect the times. But for much of its history, it also spearheaded seismic change, shaping our religious, political and cultural identity and establishing the British monarchy as the envy of the world.

There has never been a more apposite moment to consider the history of this extraordinary survivor. Within the next decade, there is likely to be a change of monarch, sparking renewed global interest on a scale not seen since Elizabeth II’s coronation in 1953. Even the media and popular frenzy evoked by recent royal events such as royal weddings and births will not compare to that generated by the accession of a new king. In the lead up to this pivotal moment in Britain’s history, Crown & Sceptre explores the history and evolution of the monarchy from 1066 to the present day, feeding the renewed interest not just in the modern royals but in the predecessors who helped shape the institution into what it is today.