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Now that Agnes, Lucy and Cecilia have learned of their fate – each an embodiment of a martyred saint – a powerful and unique bond unites them. They will need each other now that the mysterious and seductive Sebastian is dead. His words stay with them: in order to truly save themselves they will need to perform two miracles. Sebastian’s heart holds the key to their destiny, but it was taken from his body when he was killed. They must hunt it down, but they are not the only ones looking

In the battle for Sebastian’s heart each of the girls must give up something dear to them … and one of them will pay the ultimate price.

A dark, contemporary rock ‘n’ roll retelling of three famous female martyrs – Agnes, Cecilia and Lucy – and their transformation from street deliquents to soul models.

‘Intense, visceral, powerful.’ Books for Keeps


'Brooklyn is the perfect setting for this dark, gritty thriller ... readers will find themselves swept up.'
'Raw and gritty. It will keep you on the edge of your seat, trying to remember that you actually need to breathe to keep living.'
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