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Uncover South America’s iconic animals ad beautiful landscapes with incredible photographs of our living world.

South America
explores the incredibly diverse range of habitats and wildlife on this continent. Jaguars, toucans and caimans feature, alongside some less well-known mammals, amphibians, birds, fish and reptiles. From the intense dryness of the Atacama Desert, through the immense Amazon Rainforest, across wide pampas grasslands, up the Andes Mountains, over the spectacular Iguazú Falls and through some of the highest lakes on Earth – this book will make you want to know even more about the spectacular array of life on Earth.

This stunning six-book series explores some of Earth’s iconic landmarks and habitats, and the plants and animals that live there.

They are illustrated with beautiful photographs that will inspire readers and leave them in awe at the incredible variety of life on our planet. Filled with incredible facts and gems of information, each book reveals the dramatic ways in which each of our seven continents are shaped and how they in turn affect the living creatures and plants that call each continent home.

For readers aged 8 and upwards, these books are perfect for key stage 2 students, studying geography, plant life and the animal kingdom.

Titles in this series:
Australasia and Antarctica
North America
South America