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Most animals have one, but that’s where the similarities end! Squirrels balance with theirs, rattlesnakes use them as a warning, hippos use them to flick poo around, scorpions use theirs to inject venom and many birds use them for showing off!

The variety of ways in which animals use their tails is truly staggering and this fantastic book has got all the facts on animal tails, whipped! Gorgeous photographs illustrate the tails of the animal kingdom and all the extraordinary ways they have evolved to help their owners live in harmony with the environment.

You didn’t know you needed a book on animal tails – but you’ll soon be wondering why you haven’t had one sooner! It’s a cool way to take a sideways look at the animal kingdom and you will be enthralled and delighted by this incredible book.

For readers aged 8+
Also available in this series: Animal Tongues.