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Blood Justice

is the hotly anticipated sequel to Terry J. Benton-Walker’s debut Blood Debts.

‘An extravaganza’ Chloe Gong

Cristina and Clement Trudeau have conjured the impossible: justice.

Having restored their family’s stolen throne, the time has come to look forward to a brighter future for the magical community.

But for Valentina Savant, she lost everything and is hellbent on revenge. And lucky for her, she’s not the only one. Hateful anti-magic protesters and a ruthless detective with a personal vendetta sabotage their reign at every turn. Worst of all, to protect the boy he loves, Clem has summoned a brutal god that stalks them from the shadows.

Shocking murders, disappearances, and new alliances are changing the game forever – and not everyone will survive the final round.

‘Sings with hope and barely disguised rage’
TJ Klune


Chloe Gong, New York Times bestselling author of These Violent Delights
Fully charged with magic and mystery. BLOOD DEBTS is an extravaganza from start to finish, weaving age-old family history alongside the tender feelings of new love. Terry J. Benton-Walker will have you breathless by the end
Roseanne A. Brown, New York Times bestselling author of A Song of Wraiths and Ruin
I couldn't put down this epic testimony to reclaiming power through your heritage, centered on a family tied together as much by their loyalty to one another as their magic. BLOOD DEBTS is a force and Terry J. Benton-Walker is truly an author to watch
Ayana Gray, New York Times-bestselling author of Beasts of Prey
Riveting. Unflinching. Powerful. BLOOD DEBTS will captivate readers from its first page to its very last. Benton-Walker has penned a story that intricately weaves together brilliant prose, spectacular worldbuilding, and a magic that runs bone-deep. Truly, a masterful debut from a voice we have not heard the last of
Alexis Henderson, award-winning author of The Year of the Witching and House of Hunger
BLOOD DEBTS is a beguiling family saga, steeped in magic that's every bit as dark as it is moving
TJ Klune, New York Times bestselling author of The House in the Cerulean Sea
Terry J Benton-Walker's BLOOD DEBTS is a powerful story of magic, the bonds between siblings, and how dangerous the search for the truth can be. Benton-Walker has crafted a narrative that moves as swiftly and, at times, as devastatingly as a forest fire. Rushing toward a conclusion that's both surprising and inevitable, Benton-Walker's Blood Debts sings with hope and barely disguised rage. Fantastic from start to finish
Mark A. Oshiro, award-winning author of Anger is a Gift
A stunningly complicated, delicious family drama that kids are going to devour. Clem and Cristina are beautifully nuanced, real characters, and the world they're in crackles with mystery and ferocity. The real magic is this book-don't let it slip through your fingers
Nic Stone, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Dear Martin
Fucking Fantastic. In addition to being a wickedly fun (and funny!) thrill ride, the intricately woven threads of magic, intergenerational trauma, and well-placed social commentary make it impossible to ignore or deny one very simple truth: even those perceived as the-least-of-these are deserving of true justice. BLOOD DEBTS is a delightful conjuring of magnificence
J. Elle, New York Times bestselling author of Wings of Ebony
Sharp and searing, Blood Debts is an unforgettable thrill ride bristling with intrigue, magic, and justice. Impossible to put down