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Everyone wants to create meaningful change, but most people aren’t sure where to start or where to find a roadmap to guide them. Why is it that we have career coaches, therapists, and financial advisers for all of life’s big decisions-but no Impact Advisors for our legacy?

In Impact, two Impact Advisors who have built a successful nonprofit from the ground-up show how anyone, anywhere can make reasonable adjustments to their lives to support the world they want to see, and live lives they’ll be proud of fifty years from now. This book teaches you how to:

* Identify the issue(s) that light you up and motivate you toward change (‘Finding your North Star’)

* Decide where to put your energy and resources and learn how to stick with it (‘Craft Your Impact Plan’)

* Design a network to support your goals (‘Create an Impact Advisory Board’)

* Build resilience and grit (‘Make Plans to Keep Going’)

Whether it means changing careers, ramping up volunteer service, or putting dollars to work more effectively, Impact is going to walk you through the everyday steps you must take to lead to transformative change.