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Big Ick Energy

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8th August 2024

Price: £7.99

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Selected: Hardcover / ISBN-13: 9781837995233

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Do you cringe when you hear someone giving a ridiculously overcomplicated coffee order? Do you shudder when someone sits the wrong way round on a chair? Do you die inside at the person who’s always first to sing the “Ha…” of “Happy Birthday”? These people are giving off some seriously big ick energy.

An “ick” is a turn-off – but not just any turn-off. Dive into this book to discover the specific, relatable and not-so-charming quirks that leave you chuckling and cringing in equal measure.

This pocket-sized treasure trove of peculiarities delves into the cringe-worthy gems that transcend cultural boundaries, even if there is no logical explanation for them, including:
– When someone uses their index finger to scroll on their phone
– Someone walking up to an automatic door that doesn’t open
– When people who can’t rap, rap

With Big Ick Energy, forget being kind and courteous to your fellow human beings. This book revels in the immoral joy of passing ridiculous, unfounded critiques on the unsuspecting people around you and says: yes, you can judge – and you can feel good about it.